Matadors Groups

Matadors (New York City)

– Vengeance (Will Be Mine)/ Pennies From Heaven, ’58 (Sue 700)

– Be Good To Me/ Have Mercy Baby, ’58 (Sue 701)



Matadors (Hank Ayala & The) (Houston Tx) – Betty Jo/ Handsome, ’59 (Back Beat 530)



Matadors (New Orleans) – Nonsense/ If I Had Another Chance, ’61 (Duchess 1005)



Matadors (Los Angeles)

– Ace Of Hearts/ Perfidia, ’63 (Colpix 698)

– I Gotta Drive/ La Corrida, ’64 (Colpix 718)

– Come On Let Yourself Go, Part 1/ Come On Let Yourself Go, Part 2, ’64 (Colpix 741)

formerly Gents – Why Do I Love Her/ Jump In The Line, ’61 (Liberty 55332)

formerly Dories – Stompin’ Sh-Boom/ Breakup, ’62 (Dore 629)



Matadors (Cincinnati OH) (Tommy Liss & The) – Times Is Tough (2:25)/ Just In Make Believe, ’63 (Saxony 1005 & Saxony 2007, ’97)

(Writing credit for A Side is T Lysaght.  The book listed reissue as Savoy 2007.  Sources with listings say Saxony 2007.  Times Is Tough (2:14) was issued asby The Contenders/The Matadors in 1962 on Saxony 1002.  Producer on each is different.)


Cabarets & The Matadors (Cincinnati) – Times Is Tough (2:14)/ There Must Be A Way, ’62 (Saxony 1002)

(Equal credit for both Cabarets and Matadors.  Writing credits for both sides is Tom Lysaght.)


Matadors (Cincinnati OH) (Tommy Liss & The) error – That’s The Way/ Whenever I Get Lonely, ’93 (Saxony 1001) (This is by Rollie Willis & The Contenders with a 1962 date.)



Matadors (Jamie-Philadelphia) – Listen/ So Near, ’62 (Jamie 1226)



Matadors (East Coast)

– If You Left Me Today/ It Ain’t Nothin’ But Rock And Roll, ’63 (Keith 6502)

– You’d Be Crying Too/ My Foolish Heart, ’63 (Keith 6504)

(/ (…) gms are Harry Bass (lead), Jimmy Hall (1st tenor), Roy Scott (2nd tenor), Michael Edwards (baritone) & Tommy Bethea (bass).  Writing credits: Eddie Singleton.)



Matadors (PA) (ft John Lopacinski) – Should I Ever Love Again/ Please Say (You Want Me), ’65 (Lee 5466)

(The book dated 1963.  John Lopacinski is Johnny Rand.)



Matadors (Washington Delaware) – Say Yes Baby/ Carmen I Wish You Were Here, ’65 (Chavis 1034) (Book dated 1962.  All others date 1965.)



Matadors (Calif) – Let Me Dream/ Wobble Wobble, ’66 (Chartmaker 404 & Forbes 230, ’67)



Matadores (Mexico) (Frankie Y Los Matadores) – Una Chico Como Tu-With a Girl Like You-, ‘67 (Peerless 9012) (Book listed as Matadors (10) but label is as Matadores.)


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