Griffins (Washington DC)

Griffins (Washington DC) formerly as Warblers

– Is This The Real Thing (Recorded 1952-53), ’73 (Baron 101) (Flip is by Ontarios.)

– Scheming (Recorded 1952-53), ’73 (Baron 106) (Flip is by Ontarios.)

– She’s Too Tall For Love (Recorded 1952-53), ’74 (Outhouse 102) (Flip is by the Washington Serenaders.)



Griffins (Washington DC)

– I Swear By All The Stars Above/ Sing To Me, ’55 (Mercury 70558)

– Bad Little Girl/ Scheming, ’55 (Mercury 70650)

– My Baby’s Gone/ Why Must You Go, ’56 (Mercury 70913)

– Forever More/ Leave It To Me, ’56 (Wing 90067)


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