Graduates Groups

Graduates (Buffalo NY) (Two members of this group were former members of the Playboys on Mercury.)

– Ballad Of A Girl And Boy/ Care, ’59 (Shan-Todd 0055)

– What Good Is Graduation/ Lonely, ’59 (Corsican 0058) (Formerly Shan-Todd)


Graduates (Buffalo NY) as Question Marks – Ballad Of A Girl And Boy/ Concerto Rock, ’59 (First 102)


Graduates (Buffalo NY) as Johnny Holliday & The Graduates – Ballad Of A Girl And Boy/ Goodbye My Love, ’63 (Lawn 208)



Graduates (PA) (ref Bob Fanelli-Teachers Grp) – Wendy, Wendy, Go Away/ You Better Go Now, ’60 (Malvern 500)

(No scans found.  There was once a source on the net connecting Bob Fanelli/Teachers to the Graduates, however, I could no longer connect to the linking info.)


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