Gothic’s/ Gothics

Gothics – Marilyn (2:12)/ Sunday Kind Of Love, ’59 (Dynamic 101) (Seller sold May 6/14 for $999.99 (USD))


credited as Gothic’s (ref Jerry Love)

– My Dream/ Love You Too Much, ’61 (Carol 4115)

– Love You Too Much/ My Dream, ’61 (Carol EP 4115 (A side))

– Marilyn (2:12)/ Sunday Kind Of Love, ’61 (Carol EP 4115 (B side)) (Yellow reissue.)


as Stephanie – I’ll String Along With You (No Group), ’61 (Shelley 126)

Gothic’s (Stephanie & The) – Oh Happy Day, ’61 (Shelley 126)



Gothics (Crystal Ball CD #1039)

#15-18 (Love You Too Much, My Dream, Marilyn, Sunday Kind Of Love)

#19-22 previously unreleased (Valley Of Tears, Red Sail In The Sunset, Poor Billy, Marilyn (1:51)-Alt Version)


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