Golden Tones/Goldentones

Golden Tones (Brooklyn-NY) – I’m Wrong/ Cryin’ The Blues, ’55 (Samson 107-108)



Golden Tones (Richmond CA) (w Johhny Guitar & Band) (fb Joe Simon) – Little Island Girl/ Doreetha, ’59 (Hush 101)


Golden Tones (Richmond CA) (w Johnny Heartsman & Band) (fb Joe Simon) – You Left Me Here To Cry Alone/ Ocean Of Tears, ’60 (Hush 102)



Golden Tones (Cologne MN Label) – Mister Moon/ The Blackboard Of My Heart, ’61 (Lodestar 22)

(Billboard Music Week notes Featuring Kai on ‘The Blackboard Of My Heart’.  This info is not on the scan.)



Golden Tones (Louisiana Label) (Marie Reynaud & The) – My Man/ This Little Man Of Mine, ’58 (Goldband 1049)


as Stick’s Herman (w The Gateway Quartet & Golden Tone Combo) – The Natural Thing To Do, ’57 (Hollywood 1085 & Goldband 1056, ’58)

as Stick’s Herman (w Marcelle Dugas Combo) – Wipe The Tears From Your Eyes, ’57 (Hollywood 1085 & Goldband 1056, ’58)



Golden Tones (NY Label) (Mickey Marlowe & The) – She’s Funny That Way/ Our Love Is Our Affair, ’56 (Rainbow 351) (No scan for b-side.)



Goldentones (NY) – The Meaning Of Love/ Run Pretty Baby, ’55 (Jay-Dee 806 & Beacon 560) (No scans for Beacon.)


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