Golden Tones/Goldentones

Golden Tones (Brooklyn-NY) – I’m Wrong/ Cryin’ The Blues, ’55 (Samson 107-108)


Golden Tones (Richmond CA) (w Johhny Guitar & Band) (fb Joe Simon) – Little Island Girl/ Doreetha, ’59 (Hush 101)


Golden Tones (Richmond CA) (w Johnny Heartsman & Band) (fb Joe Simon) – You Left Me Here To Cry Alone/ Ocean Of Tears, ’60 (Hush 102)


Golden Tones (Cologne MN Label) – Mister Moon/ The Blackboard Of My Heart, ’61 (Lodestar 22)

  • Billboard Music Week notes (Featuring Kai) on ‘The Blackboard Of My Heart’.  This info is not on the scan.


Golden Tones (Louisiana Label) (Marie Reynaud & The) – My Man/ This Little Man Of Mine, ’58 (Goldband 1049)


as Stick’s Herman (w The Gateway Quartet & Golden Tone Combo) – The Natural Thing To Do, ’57 (Hollywood 1085 & Goldband 1056, ’58)

as Stick’s Herman (w Marcelle Dugas Combo) – Wipe The Tears From Your Eyes, ’57 (Hollywood 1085 & Goldband 1056, ’58)


Golden Tones (NY Label) (Mickey Marlowe & The) – Our Love Is Our Affair/ She’s Funny That Way, ’56 (Rainbow 351)

  • Scans found.


Goldentones (NY) – The Meaning Of Love/ Run Pretty Baby, ’55 (Jay-Dee 806 & Beacon 560)

  • No scans for Beacon #560.


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