Go Boys Groups

Go Boys (Winchester North Carolina) (Phil Gray & His) – Bluest Boy In Town/ Pepper Hot Baby, ’57 (Rhythm 101)


Go Boys (Winchester North Carolina) (Phil Gray & The) – Somebody’s Got My Baby/ Crazy Fool, ’58 (Robbins 1002)



‘Go’ Boys (Charlotte North Carolina) (Dudley Callicutt & The) – Get Ready Baby/ Heart Trouble, ’59 (DC 0412)

‘Go’ Boys – Ramble {I}/ Flipping’, 59 (DC 0418)


(Label is located in Washington DC.  As/ http://www.rocky-52.net/chanteursc/callicutt_dudley.htm,  “Go” Boys included Russ Williford, Tommy Junkersfield, Tuckie Leary and Gene Foster.)


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