Glens/Glenns Groups

Glenns – In The Chapel In The Moonlight/ More And More, ’60 (Rendezvous 118)



Glens (NY-R&R Group) (Billy (Panzo) & The) – I Believe In You/ Oh Boy, ’59 (Jaro 77006)


Glens (NY) (w Bill Perry) – Image Of Love/ I Feel So Blue, ’62 (Ro-Nan 1002)



Gladiators (LA) as Glens (Lead Rene Beard) – A Little Less Talk/, ’60 (Laitini 6666 & Sudden 104, ’61)

Gladiators (LA) as Glens (Lead Billy Mann) – Cherish My Love, ’60 (Laitini 6666 & Sudden 104, ’61)


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