Gleams Groups & Related Connections

Gleams (NYC) (Berlin Perry & The) – Tennessee Waltz/ Put That Tear Back, ’59 (Ribbon 6902)


The Bronx NY Gleams were formerly the Originals/ Valentinos on Brunswick #55171 (A Kiss From Your Lips/ Let Me Be Your Girl).

  • In 1963, ‘He’s A Fink/ Bazooki {I}’ were released on Musicor #1035 asby Silky & The Shantungs.


Gleams (Bronx NY-Sonia Rivera)

– Bad Boy/ Give Me A Chance, ’60 (J-V 101)

– Mr Magic Moon/ Pile Driver, ’63 (Kapp 565)

also released asby

Four Gleams – Mr Magic Moon/ Pile Driver, ’63 (Kapp 565)


Gleams (Nashville) – He’s A Rebel, ’62 (Hit 36)

  • Flip is ‘Next Door To An Angel’ by Ward Oliver.


Gleams (NY-NJ) (ref Frankie Montonaro (Love)) – You Broke My Heart/ I Don’t Know Why You Sent For Me, ’62 (Kip 236-237)

  • Lead is Frankie Montonaro who later recorded under the name of Frankie Love.


Frankie Love (ref Gleams (NY-NJ) – First Star/ Save Her Love For Me, ’62 (La Rosa 101)