Ginger Blake, Ginger Davis & Snaps

Ginger (Davis) & The Snaps (New Jersey) – Love Me The Way That I Love You/ Truly, ’61 (Tore 1008) (This New Jersey label is with writing credited to Bill Johnson & Frank Zarzecki with A-side credit ‘Featuring Georgie Young.’  In addition, there are u-tube posts from Ginger Davis’ family confirming this is Ginger ‘Davis’ NOT ‘Blake’))


Ginger Davis & The Snaps (New Jersey) – I’m No Run Around/ Laughin [sic], ’62 (Swan 4090) (A-side promo scan isas ‘I’m No Runaround’.)



Ginger (Blake) (BB The Safaris-uncredited) (ref Honeys) – Dry Tears/ Spare Time, ’61 (Titan 1717) (This is a California Label.  Book lists BB as Safaris.)


Ginger (Blake) & The Snaps (LA) (ref Honeys) – Growing Up Is Hard To Do/ Seven Days In September, ’65 (MGM 13413) (Book listed as Ginger Davis & The Snaps.  Boyce/Hart writing credit.)


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