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Valiants (West LA) as The Gents – Happenin’ After School/ My Unfaithful Love, ’57 (Aladdin 3387)

  • No scans found for Gents.
  • There is uncertainty that #3387 was released.
  • This was to be the first release under the Valiants name but was credited instead as The Gents.
  • Book lists as Gants but the artist is The Gents. 


Matadors (Los Angeles) formerly Gents – Why Do I Love Her/ Jump In The Line, ’61 (Liberty 55332)


Gents (Houston Label) – Golly Golly Dolly/ It’s Too Late To Cry, ’61 (All Boy 8501)


Gents (NY)

– I’ll Never Let You Go, ’64 (Times Square 2 & Times Square 99)

  • Flip is ‘Darling I Love You’ by the Teen 5.

– Island Of Love, ’64 (Times Square 4 & Times Square 98)

  • Flip is ‘Till The End Of Time’ by the Teen 5.


Gents (Middlesex County/Central NJ) (Vic & The) – The Sign From Above/ Lydia, ’66 (Dorana 1169/1170)


FYI:  Part of a ‘contact me’ message included gms: Vic Calentoni (lead Perth Amboy NJ),  Ritchie Calentoni (Bass Perth Amboy NJ), Ralph Verdi (1st Tenor Carteret NJ), Joe Szilagyi (2nd Tenor Woodbridge, NJ) and ? Baritone.

  • The record was from early 1966.  They began selling it at dances in early 1966.


Gents (White Group) (Larry & The)

– Little Queenie/ Can’t You Tell, ’64 (Delaware 1700)

  • ‘Little Queenie’ scan found.

– I’m Just A Loser In Love/ You Mean Everything To Me, ’65 (Delaware 1711)

  • No scans found.


Gents (Ft Lee, NJ) (Little Freddie & The) – Push-Kick-Shout/ Betty, ’65 (Showcase 402)


Gents (Bermuda) – If You Don’t Come Back/ I’ll Cry, ’66 (Duane 1048)


Gents (Utah) – I Wonder Why/ Moonlight Sonata, ’67 (Normandy 91067)

  • NY Label.


Gents (Detroit?) – Facing This World Without You/ Home Again (Midnight 102)

  • A-side writing credit Betty Flonney.  No writing credits for b-side.
  • The flip was listed in the book as ‘Down In The Alley,’ a song originally by the Midnight Ramblers in 1937.
    • No scan as Down In The Alley by the Gents was found and most sources list flip as ‘Home Again.’)
    • See comment.
  • Label may have been located in Toledo but recordings done and pressed in Detroit.
    • Some sources date as 1965.


Gents (Greensboro NC) (Gin And The) – Boy And Girl/ Dreams For Sale, ’67 (Eldorado 102)

  • Group became the Versatile Gents around 1968.


4 thoughts on “Gents Groups

    • Thanks for the link. The big question surrounded the flip. The book listed it as Down In The Alley but a seller listed it as Home Again. Scans were not found for either and both might have been correct. Since I can no longer find the seller’s item, I will revert to the book default and list the flip as Down In The Alley.

    • Thanks for your link for the ‘Home Again’ scan. The above explanation might account for the book’s listing of Down In The Alley on the Midnight label.

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