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Valiants (West LA) as The Gents – Happenin’ After School/ My Unfaithful Love, ’57 (Aladdin 3387)

(No scans found for Gents.  Book and most discographies list as Gants and no scan was found under this name either.  Other sources credit the group as The Gents with uncertainty that #3387 was released.  This was to be the first release under the Valiants name but was credited instead as The Gents.)



Matadors (Los Angeles) formerly Gents – Why Do I Love Her/ Jump In The Line, ’61 (Liberty 55332)



Gents (Houston Label) – Golly Golly Dolly/ It’s Too Late To Cry, ’61 (All Boy 8501)



Gents (NY)

– I’ll Never Let You Go, ’64 (Times Square 2 & Times Square 99) (Flip is Darling I Love You by the Teen 5.)

– Island Of Love, ’64 (Times Square 4 & Times Square 98) (Flip is Till The End Of Time by the Teen 5.)



Gents (Middlesex County/Central NJ) (Vic & The) – The Sign From Above/ Lydia, ’66 (Dorana 1169/1170)

(Regrettably, the following ‘contact me’ information was filed in the wrong folder.  Part of the message included gms: Vic Calentoni (lead Perth Amboy NJ),  Ritchie Calentoni (Bass Perth Amboy NJ), Ralph Verdi (1st Tenor Carteret NJ), Joe Szilagyi (2nd Tenor Woodbridge, NJ) and ? Baritone.  The record was from early 1966.  They began selling it at dances in early 1966.)



Gents (White Group) (Larry & The)

– Little Queenie/ Can’t You Tell, ’64 (Delaware 1700) (‘Little Queenie’ scan found.  No b-side.)

– You Mean Everything To Me/ I’m Just A Loser In Love, ’65 (Delaware 1711) (No scans found.)



Gents (Ft Lee, NJ) (Little Freddie & The) – Push-Kick-Shout/ Betty, ’65 (Showcase 402)



Gents (Bermuda) – If You Don’t Come Back/ I’ll Cry, ’66 (Duane 1048)



Gents (Utah) – I Wonder Why/ Moonlight Sonata, ’67 (Normandy 91067) (NY Label.)



Gents (Detroit?) – Facing This World Without You/ Home Again (Midnight 102)

(A-side writing credit Betty Flonney.  No writing credits for b-side.  See comment.  Label may have been located in Toledo but recordings done and pressed in Detroit.  Some sources date as 1965.  The flip was listed in the book as ‘Down In The Alley,’ a song originally by the Midnight Ramblers in 1937.  No scan as Down In The Alley by the Gents was found and most sources list flip as ‘Home Again.’)



Gents (Greensboro NC) (Gin And The) – Boy And Girl/ Dreams For Sale, ’67 (Eldorado 102)

(Group became the Versatile Gents around 1968.)


4 thoughts on “Gents Groups

    • Thanks for the link. The big question surrounded the flip. The book listed it as Down In The Alley but a seller listed it as Home Again. Scans were not found for either and both might have been correct. Since I can no longer find the seller’s item, I will revert to the book default and list the flip as Down In The Alley.

    • Thanks for your link for the ‘Home Again’ scan. The above explanation might account for the book’s listing of Down In The Alley on the Midnight label.

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