Gems Groups

Gems (Illinois)

– Deed I Do/ Talk About The Weather, ’54 (Drexel 901)

– I Thought You’d Care/ Kitty From New York City, ’54 (Drexel 903)

– You’re Tired Of Love/ Ol’ Man River, ’54 (Drexel 904)

– One Woman Man/ The Darkest Night, ’56 (Drexel 909)

– Till The Day I Die/ Monkey Face Baby, ’57 (Drexel 915)

The book’s listings are correct.


Gems (Illinois)/ Ray Pettis Solo

– Please Tell Me When/ Ow, You’re So Fine, ’56 (Drexel 908)

  • Not in book.

– Ow’ You’re So Fine/ Please Tell Me When, ’73 (Broadcast 995)

  • No scans found.

– I Can’t Believe (aka Please Tell Me When)/ Ow’ You’re So Fine, ’75 (Drexel 900-Bootleg #)

  • This release has a group overdub.  No scans found.


The group is from (Evanston, Illinois.)

  • Gms: Bobby ‘Pee Wee’ Robinson, David ‘Moose’ Taylor, Wilson James, Rip Reed & Ray Pettis.
  • See for more info about the group and their releases.


Gems (Philadelphia Label) – I Never Dreamed/ That’s The Groovy Thing, ’55 (20th Century 5037)

  • Male group which the book listed separately from other ‘Gems’ groups.
  • Writing credits: Hoven-Skull/ E Bostic.


Gems (NY-Recorte) – Waiting/ Please Change Your Mind, ’58 (Recorte 407)

  • Wrting credits on both sides: R Hegel.


Gems (NYC-Win) – Nursery Rhymes/ The Night Is Over, ’58 (Win 701)

  • According to youtube comments, this is a white group.
  • Writing credits on both sides: John Wagner.


Gems (Instrumental Group) – Hippy Dippy/ Crazy Chicken, ’61 (Mercury 71819) {I}

  • Not the Walla Walla WA group.


Gems (NYC-Pat Records) – There’s No One Like My Love/ School Rock, ’61 (Pat 101)

  • Writing credits: Henry Tobias/ Gems-Tobias.


Gems (Walla Walla WA)

– Cry About Your Baby/ Shout, ’62? (Lavender 1941)

  • Not in book.  Have not heard either side.

– Slave-Girl/ Hernando’s Hideaway, ’61 (Uptown 1001) {I}

  • Not in book.

– Punchappy [sic]/ Bread ‘N Butter Twist, ’62? (Virgelle 711) {I}

  • Virgelle label spelling and A-side title spelling correction.
  • Book dated 1961.


The group listing can be found @


Gems (New York City) (Pearl Woods & The)

– I’ll Be A Crybaby (From Now On)/ Think Of Poor Me, ’62 (Wall 551)

– One More Time/ Sloppin’, ’62 (Wall 552)