Gallahads Groups

Gallahads (New Jersey)

– Ooh Ah/ Careless, ’55 (Capitol 3060)

– Do You Believe Me/ If It Wasn’t For You, ’55 (Capitol 3175)

– The Fool/ The Morning Mail, ’56 (Jubilee 5252)

– I Give You My Word (I’ll Always Love You)/ Take My Love, ’56 (Jubilee 5259)

– One Love Alone/ Take Back My Ring, ’57 (Vik 0291)

– Best Wishes/ Steady Man, ’58 (Vik 0316)


– Silently/ Barracuda {I}, ’58 (Vik 0332) (Scans credit Gallalads as follows:

Gallalads (ft Jack Vincent (w Orch by Billy Mure) – Silently, ’58 (Vik 0332)

Gallalads (Orch by Billy Mure (ft Vincent Gambella) – Barracuda {I}, ’58 (Vik 0332)

Is Gallalads a misprint or an intentional separation from the usual Gallahads lineup?  Both the vocal and instrumental sides are a departure from their other work.

fyi: On RCA (France) #467 ’Barracuda and Silently’ are credited to the Gallahads.



Gallahads (Seattle-LA)

– Lonely Guy/ Jo Jo The Big Wheel, ’60 (Donna 1322 & Del-Fi 4137)

– Be Fair/ I’m Without A Girl Friend, ’60 (Del-Fi 4148)

– Why Do Fools Fall In Love/ Gone, ’61 (Rendezvous 153)

– Gone/ So Long, ’61 (Nite Owl 20)


Gallahads (Seattle-LA-Second Group) (Jimmy Pipkin & The) – This Letter To You/ The Answer To Love, ’62 (Donna 1361)


Gallahads (Seattle-LA-Second Group) (w The Counts) – Have Love, Will Travel/ My Offering, ’64 (Sea Crest 6005)

(Billy Burns Lead.  The Counts were a Northwest Combo.)


Gallahads (San Pedro Group) – Keeper Of Dreams/ Sad Girl, ’64 (Beechwood 3000 & Starla 15)


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