Galaxies Groups

The book listed Galaxies groups associated with the doowop sound or within the doowop time frame.  There are several other Galaxies groups the book did not include.


Galaxies (Ironwood Michigan) (Danny & The Galaxies) – If You Want To Be My Baby, ’59 (Darbo 1595)

Galaxies (Ironwood Michigan) – Ad Lib {I}, ’59 (Darbo 1595)


Galaxies (Ironwood Michigan) – My Tattle Tale (I’m Gonna Tell My Mommy On You)/ Love Has Its Ways {I}, ’60 (Guaranteed 216)

( confirms there is no Eddie Cochran involvement on My Tattle Tale.)

(As/ Whitedoowopcollector, gms: Greg Winn, (lead guitar); Danny Sullivan, (lead vocals and rhythm guitar); Andy Abraham, (bass); and Bernie Michelli, (drums))



Galaxies (LA-Trio) – The Big Triangle/ Until The Next Time, ’60 (Capitol 4427)


as The Royal Galaxies (ft Al Hazan) – Trouble On A Double Date/ Over And Done With, ’60 (Capitol 4488) (Not in book.)

– Zoom Golly Golly/ Cinderella Blue (Unreleased) (Not in book.)

The Galaxies/Royal Galaxies are Al Hazen and two neighbors Judy and Pat.  See ( for the group history.



Galaxies (Wilmington Delaware) – The Leopard {I}/ Dear Someone, ’61 (Richie 458)

(The instrumental style is a significant departure from the surf-type style of the Dot Galaxies.)



Galaxies (Unknown Group) – Tremble {I}/ My Blue Heaven, ’61 (Dot 16212) (The instrumental style leans toward surf.)



Galaxies (ref Clifton Records) – Just Another Date/ Little Man, ’76 (Ronnie 201)


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