Galaxies Groups

The book listed Galaxies groups associated with the doowop sound or within the doowop time frame.

  • There are several other Galaxies groups the book did not include.


as Danny & The Galaxies (Ironwood Michigan) – If You Want To Be My Baby, ’59 (Darbo 1595)

Galaxies (Ironwood Michigan) – Ad Lib {I}, ’59 (Darbo 1595)


Galaxies (Ironwood Michigan) – My Tattle Tale (I’m Gonna Tell My Mommy On You)/ Love Has Its Ways {I}, ’60 (Guaranteed 216)


As/ Whitedoowopcollector, gms: Greg Winn, (lead guitar); Danny Sullivan, (lead vocals and rhythm guitar); Andy Abraham, (bass); and Bernie Michelli, (drums).


Galaxies (LA-Trio) – The Big Triangle/ Until The Next Time, ’60 (Capitol 4427)


as The Royal Galaxies (ft Al Hazan) – Trouble On A Double Date/ Over And Done With, ’60 (Capitol 4488)

  • Not in book.

– Zoom Golly Golly/ Cinderella Blue (Unreleased)

  • Not in book.


The Galaxies/Royal Galaxies are Al Hazen and two neighbors Judy and Pat.  See for the group history.


Galaxies (Wilmington Delaware) – The Leopard {I}/ Dear Someone, ’61 (Richie 458)

  • The instrumental style is a significant departure from the surf-type style of the Dot Galaxies.


Galaxies (Tacoma WA) – My Blue Heaven/ Tremble {I}, ’61 (Dot 16212)


Galaxies (Chicago) – Little Man/ Just Another Date, ’76 (Ronnie 201)