Five Crowns Groups

Five Crowns (NY)

– A Star/ You’re My Inspiration, ’52 (Rainbow 179)

– Who Can Be True/$19.50 Bus, ’52 (Rainbow 184)

– Keep It A Secret/ Why Don’t You Believe Me, ’53 (Rainbow 202)

– Alone Again/ I Don’t Have To Hunt No More, ’53 (Rainbow 206)


Five Crowns (NY) (Rainbow LP 5030/Relic LP 5030) 1953  (Underlined titles were included in the book.)

Side A:  A Star, Good Luck Darling (unrl), You’re My Inspiration, $19.50 Bus, Who Can Be True, Oow Wee Baby, Alone Again.

Side B:  Why Don’t You Believe Me, Again (unrl), Man From the Moon (unrl), You Came To Me, I Don’t Have To Hunt No More, Keep It A Secret, The End Of The Fair (unrl).


Five Crowns (NY) as 5 Crowns

– Good Luck Darling/ Again, ’52 (Old Town 777-unreleased) (No info found for this book listing.)

– The End Of The Fair/ The Man From The Moon, ’52 (Old Town 778-unreleased) (No info found for this book listing.)

– You Could Be My Love/ Good Luck Darlin’, ’53 (Old Town 790)

– Lullaby Of The Bells/ Later Later Baby, ’53 (Old Town 792) (No scan for b-side.)


Five Crowns (NY) (ref Yonkie Paul-Dock Green Duvals (NY)) – You Came To Me/ Ooo-Wee Baby, ’55 (Riviera 990)

(Could not confirm if one pressing on Rainbow is released asby the Duvals.  Scans for ‘You Came To Me’ and Ooo-wee Baby was found asby the Five Crowns.)


Five Crowns (NY) credited as Duvals (NY) – You Came To Me/ Ooh Wee Baby, ’56 (Rainbow 335)

(The Riviera label is released as Five Crowns.  Scan found for ‘You Came To Me’ credited to the Duvals.)


Five Crowns (NY) (ref Dock Green & Second Group)

– God Bless You/ Do You Remember, ’56 (Gee 1001)

– I Can’t Pretend/ Popcorn Willy [sic], ’56 (Trans-World 717)

– I Can’t Pretend/ Popcorn Willie [sic], ’56 (Caravan 15609)


Five Crowns (NY) as Crowns

– Kiss And Make Up (Lead Charlie Thomas), ’58 (RnB 6901)

– I’ll Forget About You (Lead James ‘Papa’ Clark), ’58 (RnB 6901)


Five Crowns (Unverified) – I Was Wrong/ Hug Me Baby, ’53 (Rainbow 281)

(There is a label listing on #281 for these titles.  Otherwise, they do not appear on Five Crowns discographies.  Book listed as #251.)


Five Crowns (Unknown) – You Ran Away With My Heart, ’54 (Rainbow 281)

(No information was found for this title including label discographies or issue #.)



Five Crowns (Fort Wayne IN) as Jan Andre’ – Speak With Your Eyes, ’55 (Emerald 2007)

Five Crowns (Fort Wayne IN) as Jan Andre’ (w The Five Crowns) – It’s Funny To Everyone But Me, ’55 (Emerald 2007)



Five Crowns (Pennsylvania) (Chuck Edwards & The) – If I Were King/ Lucy And Jimmy Got Married, ’59 (Alanna 557-558)



Five Crowns (Hammond IN)

– A Surprise Visitor From Outer Space/Memories Of Yesterday, ’59 (De’Besth 1121-1122)

– Hillum Bay/ I Want You, ’59 (De’Besth 1123) (No scan for b-side.)



Five Crowns (Chicago Grp) (ref Walter Jones) – Just A Part Of Life/ Just A Part Of Life {I}, ’71 (Five-O 503) (Date is reported to be 1970 or 1971.)


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