Five Chestnuts

Five Chestnuts (Marvin Baskerville With The) – Chapel In The Moonlight/ Chi-Chi, ’58 (Drum 001-2)


Five Chestnuts (Hayes Baskerville & The) – Billy (My Kind Of Baby), ’58 (Drum 003-4)

Five Chestnuts (Norven Baskerville & The) – My One And Only Love, ’58 (Drum 003-4)


Five Chestnuts – My Kind Of Baby/ Chi Chi, ’59 (Elgin 003)


3 thoughts on “Five Chestnuts

    • Keep your hair (lol) the problem is with my post. The Collectors Frenzy, who rarely has a bootleg label, scan is correct. There are different pressings for Drum #001-2 but it would be my opinion both would credit Marvin Baskerville on Chi-Chi and not Hayes. Thanks for the correction.

      Pleased you like the site.

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