Feathers & Related Groups

Feathers error – Walkin’ And Talkin’, ’55 (Show Time 1102) (This is by Five Stars The B-side is ‘Where did Caledonia Go.’ )



Feathers-uncredited backing June Moy, Solo – Desert Winds/ Castle Of Dreams (No Group), ’54 (Show Time 1103)




– Nona/ Johnny, Darling, ’54 (Show Time 1104)

– Johnny, Darling (re-recorded version)/ Shake ‘Em Up, ’54 (Aladdin 3267)


Feathers – Why Don’t You Write Me, ’55 (Show Time 1105)

Feathers as Johnny & Louis Staton – Busy As A Bumble Bee, ’55 (Show Time 1105)



– Love Only You/ Crashing The Party, ’55 (Show Time 1106)

– I Need A Girl/ Standin’ Right There, ’55 (Aladdin 3277)


Feathers (Second Group) (w Johnny Moore’s Blazers) – Dear One, ’56 (Hollywood 1051)

Feathers (Second Group) Lonesome Tonight, ’56 (Hollywood 1051)


Feathers (Original Group) – Why Don’t You Write Me, ’63 (Candlelite 427)

(Flip is (This Is My) Love Song credited as The Late Jessie Belvin (w The Five Keys.  The Feathers, however, are the backing group and not the Five Keys.)


Feathers (Johnny Staton & The)

– Charlene/ Irene My Darling, ’89 (Classic Artists 109)

– More Than Enough For Me, ’90 (Classic Artists 117) (Flip is Happy Holiday by the Jaguars.)

– At The Altar/ A Girl Like You, ’91 (Classic Artists 125)



The LA Gladiators are the Feathers without Johnny Staton.

Gladiators (LA) (w Johnny Otis Orchestra) – Girl Of My Heart/ My Baby Doll, ’57 (Dig 135)


Gladiators (LA) as Glens (Lead Rene Beard) – A Little Less Talk, ’60 (Laitini 6666 & Sudden 104, ’61)

Gladiators (LA) as Glens (Lead Billy Mann) – Cherish My Love, ’60 (Laitini 6666 & Sudden 104, ’61)


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