Furys & Fury’s Groups

Furys (NY) (Ray & The) – Kiss And Run Driver/ Rapid Jenny, ’61 (Coed 558) {I} (Have not heard either side.) (See comment.)



Furys (LA) (Lead Tony Allen) – Zing! Went The Strings Of My Heart/ Never More, ’62 (Mack IV 112)

(Tony Allen discographies include only these Furys’ titles.  His other Mack IV releases were credited as the Lions.)


Furys (LA)

– (I’ve Got A Pain In My Head) Over You/ So Tuff, ’61 (Edsel 786) (Not in book.) 

– Over You (Pains In My Head)/ So Tuff, ’63 (Mack IV 5) (Not in book.) 

– If There’s A Next Time/ Another Fella, ’63 (Mack IV 114)

– I Really Feel Good/ The Old Days, ’63 (Mack IV 115) (B-side is not listed in book.)

– Anything For You/ Cat ‘N’ Mouse, ’63 (World-Pacific 386)

– Gee Baby/ Somebody’s Fox, ’64 (Mack IV 117) (Not in book.)

– What Is Soul/ l Lost My Baby, ’64 (Mack IV 118)

– Cover Girl/ Where My Money Goes, ’64 (Aura 395) (Not in book.)

– The Man Who Has Everything/ Baby You Can Bet Your Boots, ’64 (Liberty 55692) (Not in book.)

– If I Didn’t Have A Dime/ Dream, ’64 (Liberty 55719) (Not in book.)

– Just A Little Mixed Up/ I’m Satisfied With You, ’67 (Keymen 104) (Not in book.)


Note:  The connection between the Furys and the Cyclones (LA) on the Forward label is Jerome Evans as the lead singer. (As/ Medallions article by Marv Goldberg gms: Jimmy Green, Jerome Evans (baritone lead), Charles Jackson (tenor, who had recorded with the Shields in 1959) & Tony Allen (tenor, of “Nite Owl” fame).



Furys (Wisconsin) (Vocal Jimmy Delwood) – Jenny/ Run To Him, ’62 (Dee Jay 1097 (Not in book.)

The Furys (Wisconsin) are posted to clarify confusion between them and the ‘Ray & The Furys (NY) who recorded ‘Rapid Jenny,” an instrumental.  Youtube searches for ‘Rapid Jenny’ play “Jenny” by the Wisconsin Furys.



Furys (Surf Instrumental) – Lost Caravan/ Running Wild, ’63 (Manor 51621/22)



Fury’s (Pennsylvania) – I Walk Away/ Gone In The Night, ’66 (Fleetwood 4569 & Laurie 3382, ’67)


as Furys – That’s All Right, You’re In Love/ You’re My Little Baby, ’68 (Diamond 424)


Information about this group’s evolution is at badcatrecords.com/BadCat/HEAVYfeather.htm.


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    • The book has plenty of instrumentals classified as ‘Doowop.’ They don’t belong in the ‘doowop’ genre, even if they’re by artists who have vocal flips. Why they’re included is a ‘book’ issue.

      Thanks for your comment. Post now notes them as {I} sides.

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