Furness Brothers

(Furness Brothers) The Keys – Am I In Love/ (Oh Boy! What Joy We Had In) Barefoot Days, ’52 (MGM 11168)

(As/vocalgroupharmony.com/Barefoot.htm. Barefoot Days/ You’re Gonna Be Sorry’ were released on Melody 1047 in 1947.  The Keys also released ‘Stairway To The Stars, ’47 (Melody 1051).  The flip is ‘If I Ever Get My Feet In Indiana.’)


Furness Brothers

– Paul Revere/ I’m In The Mood For Love, ’52 (MGM 11356)

– I Want A Date With You/ You Name It, ’57 (Future 1002)

– Duke’s Place/ One Little Moment ‘With You’, ’60 (Rae Cox 104)



Furness Brothers (ft Al Berry) – Only Fate/ Lookin’ Out The Window, ’56 (Melmar 114)


Furness Brothers as Al Berry & The Furness Bros.

– King Of The Blues (M115A)/ Please Don’t Call Me Fool (M116A), ’56 (Melmar 115 & Prep 107, ’57)

– Say It Isn’t So/ King Of The Blues, ’56 (Melmar 116) (The book lists ‘King Of The Blues’ as the b-side.  Other sources left the b-side as unknown.)



Furness Brother’s – Stroll-N-Twist/ Hold It, ’60 (Buzz 101) (Not in book.)


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