Friends Groups

Friends (California) (Junior & His) – Who’s Our Pet, Annette/ A.B.C Love, ’60 (ABC-Paramount 10089)

  • In error, book listed B-side as ‘The ABCs Of Love.’
  • ‘Junior’ is 10-yr old Andy Anka Jr. (Paul’s brother) with unknown juvenile female backing.


as Gary Cane – The Fight/ C’mere Baby Doll, ’60 (Shell 717)


Friends (Brooklyn) (Gary Cane & His) – The Yen Yet Song/ I’ll Walk The Earth, ’60 (Shell 719)


as Gary Cane – After Midnight/ Day Is Done, ’61 (Shell 303)


as Gary & His Friends – The Balloon Song/ It Is Spring, ’61 (Josie 890-DJ Promo label)

  • Both sides are by a prepubescent Gary & His Friends.
  • The Friends sound like the same as on ‘The Yen Yet Song’ but Gary is several years younger than the Shell releases.
  • The Josie titles are likely (previously unreleased).


Evergreens (Santa Monica CA) became Dante & His Friends

– Something Happens/ Are You Just My Friend, ’61 (Imperial 5798)

– Miss America/ Now I’ve Got You, ’62 (Imperial 5827)


Friends (NY) (Morningside Drive &) – Na-Na-Na/ Lazy Love {I}, ’73 (Laurie 3615)

  • The A-side appears as ‘Na Na Na’ on the Dion and The Belmonts CD ‘Together Again’ as track #24, with the Belmonts named as the ‘Friends’.