Friends Groups

Friends (California) (Junior & His) – Who’s Our Pet, Annette/ A.B.C Love, ’60 (ABC-Paramount 10089)

(In error, book listed B-side as ‘The ABCs Of Love.’  Junior is 10-yr old Andy Anka Jr. (Paul’s brother) with unknown juvenile female backing.)



Friends (Brooklyn) as Gary Cane – The Fight/ C’mere Baby Doll, ’60 (Shell 717)

Friends (Brooklyn) (Gary Cane & His) – The Yen Yet Song/ I’ll Walk The Earth, ’60 (Shell 719)

Friends (Brooklyn) as Gary Cane – After Midnight/ Day Is Done, ’61 (Shell 303)


Friends (Brooklyn) as Gary & His Friends – The Balloon Song/ It Is Spring, ’61 (Josie 890-DJ Promo label)

(Both sides are by a prepubescent Gary & His Friends.  The Friends sound like the same as on ‘The Yen Yet Song’ but Gary is several years younger than the Shell releases.  The Josie titles are likely (previously unreleased)(…) dates as 1959 which might be the recording date.)



Evergreens (Santa Monica CA) became Dante & His Friends

– Something Happens/ Are You Just My Friend, ’61 (Imperial 5798)

– Miss America/ Now I’ve Got You, ’62 (Imperial 5827)



Friends (NY) (Morningside Drive &) – Na-Na-Na/ Lazy Love {I}, ’73 (Laurie 3615)

(The A-side appears as ‘Na Na Na’ on the Dion and The Belmonts CD ‘Together Again’ as track #24 with the Belmonts named as the ‘Friends’.)


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