Frankie Ervin

Johnny Moore’s Blazers play Frankie Ervin sings – Johnny Ace’s Last Letter, ’55 (Hollywood 1031)

Linda Hays Sings with Johnny Moore’s Blazers – Why Johnny Why ’55 (Hollywood 1031)


Johnny Moore’s Blazers (with Frankie Ervin) – Christmas Eve Baby, 55 (Hollywood 1045)

Frankie Ervin (with Johnny Moore’s Blazers) – Christmas Everyday, ’55 (Hollywood 1045)


Frankie Ervin (BV Ricki Page & The G-Notes-uncredited) – Believe Me/ Why Don’t You Go, ’59 (Guyden 2010)



Frankie Ervin (& Group)

– Annie Laurie/ Wilhemina, ’59 (Contender 1316) (All scans found are as Frankie Ervin.)

– The Story/ Blessing In Disguise, ’59 (Rendezvous 112)

– You Hurt Me/ If We Should Meet Again, ’60 (Rendezvous 126)



Frankie Ervin (Lead Singer Of The Shields) – Some Other Guy/ Be My Girl, ’60 (Hart 1691-52)



Frankie Ervin & The Spears – Why Did It End/ Try To Care, ’61 (Don 202)



Frankie Ervin (& Group) as Frankie Erwin – Such A Fool/ Detour, ’62 (Indigo 138)


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