Four Winds Groups

Four Winds (LA-NY Label) (Sonny Woods & The)

– I Promise/ Do You Love Me, ’56 (Middle-Tone 008)

– Living In A Dream/ Do You Mean It, ’56 (Middle-Tone 013)


As/, Sonny Woods/ Four Winds is a different Sonny Woods than Sonny Woods & The Twigs on Hollywood label.


Four Winds (RCA Subsidiary) – Colorado Moon/ Find Someone New, ’56 (Vik 0221)

  • Writing credits on both sides: Anne Turner White.


Four Winds (Cleveland) (w Their Teenage Friends) – Short Shorts, ’57 (Decor 175)

Four Winds (Cleveland) – Five Minutes More, ’57 (Decor 175)

  • Writing credits: T Austin-B Gaudie/ Cahn, Styne.


Four Winds – Mission By The Sea/ These Hearts Were Mine, ’58 (Hide-A-Way 101)


as Fourwinds – Mission By The Sea/ These Hearts Were Mine, ’58 (Hide-A-Way 101)

  • Scans found for both spellings.


Four Winds (Michigan Label) – Doin’ The Stroll/ Smile, ’58 (Explorer 713)

  • Writing credits: Jimmy Duncan/ Buck Ram.


Four Winds (NY Label) – Daddy’s Home/ Bull-Moose Stomp, ’61 (Warwick 633)

  • Writing credits: Sheppard-Bassett-Baskerville/ Sherman.


as Brooks Four – I’ll Be Faithful/ I’m Not Good Enough For You, 62 (Sinclair 1007)


Four Winds (New Jersey) – Playgirl/ Jennifer, ’64 (Dery 10022 & Felsted 8703)

  • Label discographies and most sources list label as Derby.
  • Scans found are Dery.


as Teamates – Calendar Of Love/ I Say Goodbye, ’64 (Le-Mans 003)


Four Winds (LA) – To Love Or Not To Love/ Down And Out, ’64 (Chattahoochee 655)

  • Writing credits: B Chandler-E McKendry/ Guy Hemric-Jerry Styner.


Four Winds (Unknown Origin) – Ol’ Man River/ Popcorn Party (Sherluck 1027)

  • A-side scan found.


Four Winds (Brooklyn Tokens Related)


as Four Winds

– Remember Last Summer/ Strange Strange Feeling, ’64 (Swing 100)

– Let It Ride/ One Face In The Crowd, ’68 (BT Puppy 555)

  • A-side scan found.

– Goodbye, Maureen, ’78 (Crystal Ball 105)


as 4 Winds – Dear Judy/ Come Softly To Me, ’78 (Crystal Ball 102)


as Tokens/Four Winds error – Arlene, ’78 (Crystal Ball 105)

  • See comment for ‘Arlene’ on Brooklyn Tokens’ post.


Four Winds (Brownsville Group)


Four Winds (Brownsville (East Brooklyn)) – Arlene, ’78 (Crystal Ball 105)


The Tokens group who do ‘Arlene’ are from Brownsville (East Brooklyn) on the Gary & Musictone labels.

  • Arlene was originally recorded, but unreleased, by Dennis & The Dahills for the Richfield label.
  • Some Dahills members became the ‘Brownsville’ Tokens.


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