Four Tops (Pre Motown)

The book distributed the listed titles into two groups, as The Four Tops and for artists they backed on Chateau Records.  The book did not list releases for the Four Aimes (pre Four Tops) and information is too incomplete to include them in this post.


Carolyn Hayes (w Maurice King & His Wolverines) (Vocal by Carolyn Hayes & The Four Tops) – Baby Say You Love Me/ Really, ’56 (Chateau 2001)

(Info says Carolyn Hayes was under contract to Chateau.)


Dolores Carroll (w Maurice King & His Wolverines) (Vocal by Dolores Carroll & The Four Tops) – Everybody Knows/ I Just Can’t Keep The Tears From Tumbling’ Down, ’56 (Chateau 2002)

(Book spelled as Delores.  Scans are as Dolores.)



Four Tops (Pre Motown)

– Could It Be You/ Kiss Me Baby, ’56 (Chess 1623)

– Lonely Summer (2.48)/ Ain’t That Love (2:22), ’60 (Columbia 41755)

– Pennies From Heaven/ Where Are You, ’62 (Riverside 4534)


Four Tops – Lonely Summer (2.28)/ Ain’t That Love (1:45), ’65 (Columbia 43356)


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