Four Sounds Groups

Four Sounds (Brooklyn) & The Lawrence Keyes Trio

– Afraid/ Tall Lanky Papa, ’74 (Celeste 3010)

– You Stole My Heart/ Noisy Clock, ’74 (Celeste 3013)

(There is an instrumental version of Noisy Clock by The Lawrence Keyes Trio on Celeste 3011.)



Lois Blaine (& Tuffy Mitchell’s Four Sounds) I Need You So/ Here Am I (Try Me), ’63 (Open-G-Records 00)



Four Sounds (Indianapolis)

– When I Find My Love/ Someone To Show Me The Way, ’61 (Federal 12421)

– The Ring/ Peter’s Gun, ’61 (Tuff 1)

– Mama Ubangi Bangi/ Nobody Wants Me, ’62 (Ran-Dee 104)



Four Sounds book error – It Won’t Be A Sin, ’61 (Tuff) (This is by The Corsairs on Tuff 3027.)


Four Sounds book error – The Change In You, ’61 (Tuff) (This is by The Corsairs & Landy McNeil on Tuff 402.)


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