Four (4 Pharaohs) & Related Names

4 Pharaohs asby Columbus Pharaohs (w Tommy Wills Orch) – Give Me Your Love/ China Girl, ’57 (Esta 290)

  • The 4 Pharaohs were not known as the Columbus Pharaohs, but were from Columbus, Ohio.  The name error was either printer or label mistake.


4 Pharaohs

– China Girl/ Give Me Your Love, ’58 (Ransom 101)

  • Scans show ‘China Girl’ as title.

China Girl/ Give Me Your Love, ’59 (Paradise 109)

  • As/ Marv Goldberg, some Paradise pressings are as ‘China Doll.’


4 Pharaohs as ’4′ Pharoahs [sic] – Pray For Me/ The Move Around, ’58 (Ranson 100 [sic])

  • Ranson #100 was released after Ransom #101.
  • Both the artist and label name were misspelled by printer.


4 Pharaohs as Introducing Morris Wade (with Music By The Manhattans) – Is It Too Late/ It Was A Nite Like This, ’58 (Ransom 102)

  • Another anomaly with group credit and title spelling.
    • The 4 Pharaohs are the group.
    • The Manhattans are Sonny Til’s backing band.
    • ‘Is It Too Late’ was misspelled as ‘Is It To Late’ and night is Nite [sic].


4 Pharaohs as King Pharoah & The Egyptians – By The Candle Lite/ Shimmy Sham, ’61 (Federal 12413)

  • Pharaoh was misspelled as Pharoah.


4 Pharaohs as Egyptian Kings

– Give Me Your Love (re-make)/ I Need Your Love, ’61 (Nanc 1120)

– School Days/ Summertime (Nanc-Unreleased)

  • According to sources ‘Summertime’ is the flip.  The book lists ‘The Move Around.