Four Mints Groups

The book did not link the Mints (Center Texas) to the Four Mints.


as Mints (Center Texas) – Busy Body Rock/ (Don’t Leave Me) Alone, ’56 (Lin 5001)


as Mints (Center Texas) – Night Air, ’56 (Lin 5077 & Imperial 5432, ’57)

by Ken Copeland – Pledge Of Love, ’56 (Lin 5077 & Imperial 5432, ’57)


Four Mints (Center Texas)

– Gold/ Ruby Baby, ’57 (Decca 30465)

– Teenage Wonderland/ Hey Little Nell, ’58 (NRC 003)

– You Belong To My Heart/ Wolf, ’58 (NRC 011)

– Tomorrow Night/ Pina Colada, ’59 (NRC 037)

– Night Air/ What ‘Cha Gonna Do, ’59 (Choctaw 8002) (The book dated 1956.  The sound does not bear this out.)

The gms are: James Wilson (lead), Gene Warr (first tenor), Aubie McSwain (second Tenor) & Al Warr (bass).


The racially-tainted comments about this group (mostly on youtube, but some histories), are in bad taste.  Reading past the negativity, the group’s work is worthy of credit.  If you comment, please do not use this site to further denigrate the music of the era.



There was another group from South Jersey called the Mints.  The book listed ‘The Magic Of Love/ Swimming Round The World’ in 1958 on Airport 102. has the a-side video with comments from Seymour W Duncan.  His comments list gms: Ray Coleman, Tommy Cosgrove, Seymour W Duncan.  Note: The group picture on the video is the Four Mints (Center City Texas.)


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