Four Mints Groups

as Mints (Center Texas) – Busy Body Rock/ (Don’t Leave Me) Alone, ’56 (Lin 5001)


by Ken Copeland – Pledge Of Love, ’56 (Lin 5077 & Imperial 5432, ’57)

as Mints (Center Texas) – Night Air, ’56 (Lin 5077 & Imperial 5432, ’57) (2:08)


Four Mints (Center Texas)

– Gold/ Ruby Baby, ’57 (Decca 30465)

– Teenage Wonderland/ Hey Little Nell, ’58 (NRC 003)

– You Belong To My Heart/ Wolf, ’58 (NRC 011)

– Tomorrow Night/ Pina Colada, ’59 (NRC 037)

Night Air (2:17)/ What ‘Cha Gonna Do, ’59 (Choctaw 8002)

  • The book dated 1956.  The sound does not bear this out.
  • As/ a comment by Apesville on 45cat, ‘Night Air’ on Choctaw is a second recording. 


The gms are: James Wilson (lead), Gene Warr (first tenor), Aubie McSwain (second Tenor) & Al Warr (bass).



A second group called ‘The Mints’ were from South Jersey.

  • The book listed ‘The Magic Of Love/ Swimming Round The World in 1958 on Airport 102.
    • has the a-side video with comments from Seymour W Duncan.
        • His comments list gms: Ray Coleman, Tommy Cosgrove, Seymour W Duncan.  FYI: The group picture on the video is the Four Mints (Center City Texas.)