Four Kings Groups

Four Kings Of Harmony Of Miami, Florida – Crying In The Chapel/ Hallelujah, ’53 (Gotham 741)

  • No B-side scan.


Four Kings Of Harmony Of Miami, Fla. – Hallelujah/ The Graveyard Is Waiting, ’54 (Gotham 763)


Kings (NY) as Four Kings – You Never Knew/ Do You Want To Rock, ’54 (Jax 323)

  • No scans found.
  • As/ Marv Goldberg, both sides featured Adolphus Holcomb leading.


Four Kings (Dayton Ohio) – Willingly/ (It’s Not) The End Of The World, ’56 (Fraternity 752)


Hear ‘Willingly’ at


as The Gene Seals Combo (Vocals by Gene Seals (w The Four Kings-Detroit) – She Don’t Want Your Rocking/ Hurry Back Home, ’54 (Fortune 807)

  • A-side scan found.


Four Kings (Detroit)

– My Head Goes Acting Up/ You Don’t Mean Me, Right, ’54 (Fortune 811)

  • Music by the All Stars.

– Doo-Li-Op/ Rose Of Tangier, ’55 (Fortune 517)


The Four Kings (Tennessee) had some unreleased recordings as: The 4 Dukes.

– Angel Dear/ Baby Doll, ’76 (Sun Bootleg 515)

– Walking Alone/ Annie, ’76 (Sun Bootleg 518)


as Willie Mitchell (w The Four Kings) – Walking At Your Will/ Tell It To Me Baby, ’58 (Stomper Time 1160)


Four Kings (Tennessee) (w The Willie Mitchell Orch) – Walkin’ Alone/ Rag Mop, ’58 (Stomper Time 1163)


Four Kings (Tennessee)

– Farmer John/ Round And Round, ’63 (MOC 651)

– Early In The Morning/ I Want To Be There, ’63 (M.O.C. 655)


Four Kings (Oakland CA) (Ray Agee & The) – Pray For Me/ Swingin’ Partner, ’60 (Plaid 105 & Check 102, ’60)

  • No b-side scan for Plaid 105.


Four Kings (NYC Label) – I Don’t Want Nobody But You/ Guess Who, ’60 (Cee-Jay 580)


Four Kings (NYC) (Ben Little & The) – Forever Mine/ Imprison Me Baby, ’61 (Revival 635)


Four Kings (Hollywood CA) (Sue Tornay & The) – You Went Away/ Tell Me, ’61 (Doré 594)


Four Kings (New York) – One Night/ Lonely Lovers, ’64 (Canadian American 173)

  • The Four Kings on Canadian American were a sound-alike 4 Seasons group.
    • They were not the 4 Seasons under a different name.
  • ‘One Night’ was originally written for the 4 Seasons.


10 thoughts on “Four Kings Groups

    • Thanks to you for being part of such great music. Regrettably I’ve not heard either side. A news article says the group was formerly The Nomads but it appears they are unlisted in the book. Group members are listed as Jim Allen, Don Allen, Dick Maness & Buz Miller.)

    • Label location and some sources say Cincinnati (owner: Harry Carlson). 45cat says Cleveland and my post is under Four Kings (Cleveland). I need more information if the group is from Dayton? Can you help and maybe offer some group member details?

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