Four J’s Groups

Four J’s (Philadelphia)

– Rock And Roll Age/ Be Nice, Don’t Fight, ’58 (United Artists 125)

– Dreams Are A Dime A Dozen/ Kissin’ At The Drive-In, ’58 (Herald 528)


John Capri – When I’m Lonely/ Love For Me, ’59 (Bomarc 306)

  • Uncredited BB is either The Four J’s or Fabulous Four. 
    • Recording was at the time The Four J’s were breaking up.
    • Some Four J’s members become part of the Fabulous Four (Philadelphia).
  • Book listed BB as Fabulous Four.


Four J’s (Philadelphia) – Here Am I Broken-Hearted/ Said That She Loved Me, ’64 (Jamie 1267)


Four J’s (Philadelphia) (ft Joey Roberts) – By Love Possessed/ My Love-My Love, ’64 (Jamie 1274)


Four J’s (Jacksonville FL) & The Fabulous Imperials – Class Ring, ’58 (Impra 1267 & MGM 12687)

  • Book listed artist as Four Jays with only the MGM label
    • No scan found.
  • Impra 1267 (Jacksonville, Florida) lists both titles and artists as they appear on the label.


credited to The Fabulous Imperials – Wierd [sic] {I}, ’58 (Impra 1267 & MGM 12687)

  • Sources listing the MGM label spell ‘Weird’ correctly.


Four J’s (Girl Group) – The Nursery/ Will You Be My Love, ’63 (4-J 506)

Gms: Brenda Holloway, Patrice Holloway, Pat Hunt and Priscilla Kennedy.


4 J’s (NY) (ft Jr Pope) – Dreamin’/ Love My Love, ’69 (Congress 6003)