Four Jewels (Washington) & Associated Groups

Four Jewels started as Impalas (Washington) – I Need You So Much/ For The Love Of Mike, ’61 (Checker 999)


Four Jewels as Rubies (Washington)Loaded With Goodies (2.29)/ Take It Easy Casanova, ’61 (District 301)

Label scans are as Rubies.  Some sources state this is the first Four Jewels group.  A-side writer is Bobby Lee, and b-side by Rudy Clark.  Writing credits for The Four Jewels ‘Dapper Dan/Loaded With Goodies (2:30)’ on checker 1039 are by Bob E Lee)


Four Jewels (Washington)

– Dapper Dan/ Loaded With Goodies, ’63 (Checker 1039)

– Loaded With Goodies/ Fire, ’63 (Start 638) (same # used twice.)

– Johnny Jealousy/ Someone Special, ’63 (Start 638)

– Time For Love/ That’s What They Put Erasers On Pencils For, ’64 (Checker 1069)

– All That’s Good/ I Love Me Some You, ’64 (Start 641)

– Baby It’s You/ She’s Wrong For You Baby, ’64 (Tec 3007)


Four Jewels became Jewels

Opportunity/ Gotta Find A Way, ’64 (Dimension 1034)

– My Song/ This Is My Story, ’64 (Federal 12541) (Book dated 1963.  Others date 1964-1967.)

– But I Do/ Smokey Joe, ’65 (Dimension 1048)


Four Jewels became Jewels as The Jewells – Lookie Lookie Lookie/ Smokie Joe’s, ’66 (King 6068)

(Book listed A-side as Lookie Cookie.  This is NOT a male group as some sources state.  The group spelling is Jewells instead of Jewels.)


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