Four Imperials (Detroit)

Four Imperials (Detroit) as Pharaohs – Walking Sad/ Come On Baby, ’57 (Fascination 001 & Skylor 101) (Fascination 001 scans found.)


Four Imperials (Detroit)

– My Girl/ Teen Age Fool, ’58 (Chant 101)

– Lazy Bonnie/ Let’s Make A Scene, ’58 (Lorelei 4444 & Dot 15737)

– Valley Of Tears/ Time Out, ’59 (Dial 101)

– Santa’s Got A Coupe De Ville/ Seven Lonely Days, ’59 (Twirl 2005)



Pee Wee Crayton (with Esther) – Look Up And Live, ’58 (Fox 10069A (F-102)) (No group is credited on the label.)

Pee Wee Crayton (with Esther & The Four Imperials) – Give Me One More Chance, ’58 (Fox 10070B (F-102)) (See comment for scan confirmation.)


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