Four Holidays & Four Hollidays/Cleo Barksdale

Four Holidays

– Nobody Loves You Like-A Me/ Who Can Say, ’59 (United Artists 163-Unreleased)

– Love Ya’ Baby/ I Don’t Wanna Go To School, ’60 (Verve 10204 & Verve 740) (No scan for Verve 740.)



In addition to Cleo Barksdale’s other groups, the Four Hollidays are a Detroit group.

by Eddie Bartell & His Dukes Of Rhythm – I Mean Really, ’58 (Star-X 501A)

Fresando’s (w Eddie Bartell & His Dukes Of Rhythm) (ref Cleo Barksdale) – Your Last Goodbye, ’58 (Star-X 501B)


Five Masters (ref Cleo Barksdale)

– We Are Like One/ Cheap Skate, ’59 (Bumble Bee 502)

– Cheap Skate, ’86 (Relic LP 8008)


Four Hollidays (ref Cleo Barksdale)

– Step By Step/ Grandma Bird, ’63 (Markie 109)

– I’ll Walk Right Out The Door/ I Won’t Need You, ’63 (Markie 115)

– I’ll Walk Right Out The Door/ I Can’t Wait, ’63 (Markie 115)


Four Hollidays (ref Cleo Barksdale) as 4 Hollidays – Deep Down In My Heart/ He Can’t Love You, ’64 (Master 3001-3002)


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