Four Fellows Groups

Four Fellows (Bed-Stuy-Brooklyn) – Break My Bones/ Stop Crying, ’53 (Tri-Boro 101)


Four Fellows (Bed-Stuy-Brooklyn) (w Al Browne’s Orch) (Later Group) – Happy Honeymoon, ’72 (Aljon 1261)


Four Fellows (Bed-Stuy-Brooklyn) as Victorians

– Heartbreaking Moon/ I’m Rollin’, ’56 (Saxony 103)

– Wedding Bells/ Please Say You Do, ’56 (Selma 1002)



Four Fellows (Brooklyn)

– I Tried/ Bend Of The River, ’54 (Derby 862)

– I Wish I Didn’t Love You So/ I Know Love, ’55 (Glory 231) (No scans found.)

– Soldier Boy/ Take Me Back, Baby, ’55 (Glory 234)

– Angels Say/ In The Rain, ’55 (Glory 236)

– Fallen Angel/ Hold ‘Em, Joe, ’56 (Glory 238)

– Darling You/ Please Don’t Deprive Me Of Love, ’56 (Glory 242)

– I Sit In My Window/ Please Play My Song, ’56 (Glory 244)

– You Don’t Know Me/ You Sweet Girl, ’56 (Glory 248)

– Give Me Back My Broken Heart/ Loving You, Darling, ’57 (Glory 250)

– Soldier Boy (Recorded Live, 1956)/ Skylark, ’80 (UGHA 15) (Scans found.)


Four Fellows (Brooklyn) (Bette McLaurin & The)

– Grow Old Along With Me/ So Will I, ’55 (Glory 233) (Scans found.)

– Just Come A Little Bit Closer/ A Love That’s True, ’55 (Glory 237)

(Most credible sources say Bette McLaurin is the singer.  Another says it is credited as Toni Banks.  I have not heard either side.) (No scans found.)


Four Fellows (Brooklyn) (Bette McLaurin With The) – Petticoat Baby/ I’m Past Sixteen, ’56 (Glory 241)


Four Fellows (Brooklyn) (Miss Toni Banks & The) – Johnny The Dreamer/ You’re Still In My Heart, ’57 (Glory 263)


Cathy Ryan (BB Four Fellows-uncredited) – Come Home/ 24 Hours A Day (365 A Year)/ With You, ’55 (King 1495-first pressing? (K8571/2))

(This is Cathy Ryan’s first recording as a soloist.  As/ listing, #1495 titles were ‘Come Home/ 24 Hours A Day (365 A Year) with David Jones (1st tenor) on ‘Come Home’ and Jimmy McGowan (1st tenor) on ’24 Hours A Day.  Other gms were Larry Banks (baritone) and Teddy Williams (bass).  A DJ scan was found for 24 Hours A Day on this site.)


Cathy Ryan (BB Four Fellows-uncredited) – 24 Hours A Day (365 A Year), ’55 (King 1495-second pressing? (K8572))

Cathy Ryan (& Orchestra) – With You, ’55 (King 1495 (K8573)) (Unknown BB.)


Cathy Ryan (BB Four Fellows-uncredited) – Come Home, ’55 (King 4848-second pressing? (K8571))

Cathy Ryan (& Orchestra) – The Cricket, The Dove And The Goldfish, ’55 (King 1495 (K8574)) (Unknown BB)



Four Fellows (ref Larry Banks-Brooklyn Group) (Milton Bennett Lead) – The City/ That’s Why I Pray, ’62 (Ad Lib/Pop Line 0208)



Four Fellows (Harlem-NY) 4 Fellows – Remember/ That Kiss You Gave Me, ’55 (Nestor 27)



Four Fellows (Los Angeles) – Graduation Day, ’57 (Tops EP 285 B1) (Not in book.)

as Betsy Gay & The Four Fellows (Los Angeles) (w Lew Raymond & Orch) – I Want You To Be My Girl, ‘57 (Tops EP 285 B2)

(A-side ‘My Blue Heaven/ I’m In love Again’ by ‘Scat Man’ Cruthers (w His Wild Cats).


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