Four Dots, Four Troys Groups

Four Dots (Washington-Baltimore) – You Won’t Let Me Go/ My Dear, ’51 (Dot 1043)

(Only Lucky Green was with the Heartbreakers (Washington DC.)  The book listing of ‘My Dear’ as Bullseye 104 is in error.)



Four Dots (NY) (ft Deek Watson) (formerly of The Ink Spots) – Strange As It Seems/ Saturday Night Function, ’52 (Castle 2006)

(According to, this recording was made before 1952, probably 1948.)



Four Dots (Pittsburgh) (ft Fletcher Williams)

– Rita/ He Man Looking For A She Girl, ’56 (Bullseye 103)

– Peace Of Mind/ Kiss Me, Sugar Plum, ’56 (Bullseye 104)


Four Dots (Pittsburgh) as Four Troys – In The Moonlight/ Suddenly You Want To Dance, ’59 (Freedom 44013)

(As there was already a Four Dots group signed to the California Freedom label, the Pittsburgh group recorded as the Four Troys.)



Four Dots (California) (Jerry Stone With The) – It’s Heaven/ My Baby (She Loves Me), ’58 (Freedom 44002)


Four Dots (California) (ft Jerry Stone & Jewel Akins) – Pleading For Your Love/ Don’t Wake Up The Kids, ’59 (Freedom 44005)


Four Dots (California) backing John Ashley (& The Voices Of Allah-uncredited) – Seriously In Love/ I Want To Hear It From You, ’60 (Silver 1002)

(The Four Dots are the Voices Of Allah.  As/ ( Musicians – John Ashley: vocal – Eddie Cochran: guitar – The Four Dots (Jewel Akens, Albert (Jerry) Stone, Warren Crosby and possibly Freddy Clark or Sam Dearden: vocals – Unidentified: electric bass and drums.)


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