Four Dots, Four Troys Groups

Four Dots (Washington-Baltimore) – You Won’t Let Me Go/ My Dear, ’51 (Dot 1043)

  • Only Lucky Green was with the Heartbreakers (Washington DC.)
  • The book listing of ‘Peace Of Mind/ My Dear’ on Bullseye 104 is in error.


Four Dots (NY) (ft Deek Watson) (formerly of The Ink Spots) – Strange As It Seems/ Saturday Night Function, ’52 (Castle 2006)


Four Dots (Pittsburgh) (ft Fletcher Williams)

– Rita/ He Man Looking For A She Girl, ’56 (Bullseye 103)

– Peace Of Mind/ Kiss Me, Sugar Plum, ’56 (Bullseye 104)


as Four Troys – In The Moonlight/ Suddenly You Want To Dance, ’59 (Freedom 44013)

  • As a different ‘Four Dots’ group was already signed to the California Freedom label, the Pittsburgh group recorded as the Four Troys.


Four Dots (California) (Jerry Stone With The) – It’s Heaven/ My Baby (She Loves Me), ’58 (Freedom 44002)


Four Dots (California) (ft Jerry Stone & Jewel Akins) – Pleading For Your Love/ Don’t Wake Up The Kids, ’59 (Freedom 44005)


as John Ashley (& The Voices Of Allah-uncredited) – Seriously In Love/ I Want To Hear It From You, ’60 (Silver 1002)

  • The ‘Voices Of Allah’ are the Four Dots.
    • As/ ( Musicians – John Ashley: vocal – Eddie Cochran: guitar – The Four Dots (Jewel Akens, Albert (Jerry) Stone, Warren Crosby and possibly Freddy Clark or Sam Dearden: vocals – Unidentified: electric bass and drums.