Four Blades Groups

Four Blades (Brooklyn NY)

You Didn’t Sign Your Letter With Love/ Bake That Chicken Pie, ’48 (Alert 422)

(Scans on  There is also scan on youtube titling b-side as ‘Bake Than [sic] Chicken Pie’.)

– They Say/ A Cup Of Java, Please!, 48 (Alert 423)

(Not listed in book.  See above source for more info.)



Beside the fact the following Big 4 Hits/Gateway Four Blades groups are not the Limelighters, it is unknown if they have any connection to each other.  Other listed Four Blades titles without label scans are not posted.


Four Blades (Unknown Group) (w Lewis Everette’s Orch) – Melody Of Love, ’54 (Gateway Top Tune 1104) (Not in book.)


Four Blades (Unknown Group) (w Herbie Layne & His Orch)

– Cindy, Oh Cindy, ’56 (Gateway 1193A)

– It Isn’t Right. ’56 (Gateway 1194A)

– Green Door, ’56 (Gateway 1195A)


Four Blades (Unknown Group) (w Johnney Bennett’s Orch)

– Honeycomb, ’56 (Gateway Top Tune 1222B) (Not in book.)

In The Middle Of An Island/ Stardust, ’56 (Gateway Top Tune 1223) (Book mis-listed ‘Stardust’ as Gateway 1174.)


Four Blades (Unknown Group) – It Isn’t Right, ’56 (Big 4 Hits EP 203A1)

Four Blades (Unknown Group) – Green Door, ’56 (Big 4 Hits EP 203B1)


Four Blades (Unknown Group) (w Johnney Bennett’s Orch)

– Honeycomb (Big 4 Hits 221A2)

– In The Middle Of An Island/ Stardust (Big 4 Hits 221B1-2)



The following Four Blades are the Limelighters.

Limelighters (Bronx) as The Four Blades (w Herbie Layne’s Band) – I Want You To Be My Girl, ’56 (Gateway 1170B)

Limelighters (Bronx) as The Four Blades (w Lindsey Powers Combo) – Church Bells May Ring, ’56 (Gateway 1174A)


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  1. Four Blades (NY) 1948
    [edit: scan link was for different group.

    See for label shots has label shot

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