Four Bel’Aires/Four Bel-Aires & Related Groups

Four Bel’Aires – Where Are You/ Tell Me Why, ’58 (X-Tra 113)


Four Bel’Aires as Belairs – Tell Me Why/ Where Are You, ’63 (Times Square 23 & Relic 536, ’65)

(Both labels credit as Belairs.)


Four Bel’Aires as 4 Bel-Aires – Where Are You/ Blue Moon, ’76 (King Tut 169) (Scans found.)



Four Bel-Aires (Connecticut) as Larry Lee (Harper) (VB by Four Bel-Aires) – Can I Be In Love/ Stolen Love, ’59 (M-Z 006) (These Four Bel-Aires are the 5 Bel-Aires without Henry Hall.)



Paul Greenwood (BB The Four Bel-Aires) – You Won My Heart, ’61 (Arc)

(Gene Pitney wrote several songs for Paul Greenwood which were released on his Musicor label.  It is unconfirmed if this title is unreleased or not included in the group of Pitney written songs.  All info found indicates BV Four Bel-Aires are the 5 Bel-Aires from Connecticut with number of group members either Four or Five.  No scans found.)


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