Four Bars Groups & Related Artists

Four Bars (Nashville) – Memories Of You/ When Did You Leave Heaven, ’54 (Republic 7101) (ref Jimmy Sweeney.)



Four Bars (DC)

– Grief By Day, Grief By Night/ Hey Baby, ’54 (Josie 762)

– If I Give My Heart To You/ Stop It! Quit It!, ’54 (Josie 768)

– Why Do You Treat Me This Way/ Let Me Live, ’55 (Josie 783)

– Phony Baloney/ Why Did You Do It, ’60 (Time 4-Philadelphia)  (A-side plays on youtube.)

– This Game Of Romance/ Just Bid Me Farewell, ’61 (Len 1014) (No scan for A-side.)

– Try Me One More Time/ Comin’ On Home, ’62 (Dayco 101)

– Try Me One More Time/ What’s On Your Mind, ’63) (Dayco 101 & Shelley 180, ’63) (As/ Marv Goldberg, Dayco 101 was issued with two different flips.)

– I’ve Got To Move/ Waitin’ On The Right Guy, ’64 (Falew 108)



Four Bars (DC) (ft Melvin Butler) – Love Me Forever More, ’60 (Cadillac 2006)

Four Bars (DC) – What’s On Your Mind, ’60 (Cadillac 2006) (No scan found.)


Four Bars as Shane Hunter (BV Four Bars) – I’m So Helpless, ’59 (IPS 101)

Four Bars (DC) Shane Hunter (BV Four Bars & Mellodears) – Follow Me, ’59 (IPS 101)



Four Bars (DC) as Eddie Daye & The Four Bars – Guess Who Loves You/ What Am I Gonna Do, ’66 (Shrine 102)


Four Bars as Eddie ‘Jasper’ Daye & The Four Bars – We Are Together (No One Can Tear Us Apart)/ Speak Now (Or Forever Hold Your Peace), ’67 (Flying Hawk 1501)


Four Bars as Eddie Jasper Daye’s Four Bars – Lean On Me (When Heartaches Get Rough)/ Why (I’ve Got To Know), ’67 (Dayco 4564)


Four Bars (DC) as Eddie Daye’s 4 Bars (Music by the Soul Bandits) – Stay On My J.O.B./ Poor Little Me, ’69 (Dayco 2500) (No scan for B-side.  Book dated 1962.)



Four Bars as Betty Wilson & The 4 Bars – All Over Again/ I’m Yours, ’67 (Dayco 1631)


Four Bars as Betty Wilson – Don’t Give Up/ Anything To Please My Man, ’68 (Dayco 2109) (No BB is credited.)


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