Fortunes Groups

Fortunes (Chicago)

– Believe In Me/ My Baby Is Fine, ’55 (Checker 818)

– Love (Recorded 1955), ’90 (Relic LP 5088 (A8))

– Break (Recorded 1955), ’90 (Relic LP 5088 (B8))

– Love/ Bread (Recorded 1955), ’93/94 (Parrot 804 (Boot) & Relic LP 7073 (#13, #24)

As/ the all music site, as well as Donald Jenkins, other gms are: Granger, Strong and bass William Taylor.


Colts (3rd group) as Fortunes (Calif)

– How Clever Of You/ Trees, ’58 (Decca 30688)

– Who Cares/ Tarnished Angel, ’58 (Decca 30541)


Fortunes (ref Rank Records Of America) – Steady Vows/ In The Night, ’59 (Top Rank 2019)

  • Scans found.
  • Bootleg promo scans for #2019 are as ’Steady Vows’ (Fortunes) and ‘Whiskey Made Me Drunk’ (Roscoe Gordon).


Fortunes (Larry Darnell-Lead) – Look At Me, Look At You/ Congratulations, ’60 (Argo 5364)

  • Writing credits: D Sturgill on both sides.
  • The book separated this release from the Checker/Parrot/Relic issues.
    • The listing was Larry Darnell & The Fortunes but the label credits only as ‘Fortunes.’


as Neal Scott (The Fortunes) – Go Bohemian, ’60 (Clown 3011)

as Neal Scott – Oh Genie, ’60 (Clown 3011)


Fortunes (Cincinnati-Queen) – Ugly Duckling/ Nothing Matters Anymore, ’61 (Queen 24010)

  • Writing credits: Don Crawford-Jimmy Starr-Nick Smith & R Ashcroft-C Spoke.


Fortunes (California) – Running Away From Love/ Tell Me, ’62 (DRA 320)

  • Writing credits: Helen Martell.


Fortunes (Cub Label) (w Adam Keefe as ‘Professional Ghoul’) – The Ghoul In School, ’63 (Cub 9123)

  • A-side full title is ’The Ghoul In School (Theme from “Werewolf In A Girls’ Dormitory”).


Fortunes (Cub Label) – You Don’t Know (What I’ve Been Thru [sic]), ’63 (Cub 9123)


Fortunes (New Mexico Label)

– Chi-Wa-Wa/ The Laugh Of The Town, ’64 (Yucca 168)

  • Scans found.

– Lonely Teardrops (Vocal-Jim Decker)/ This Is Love (Vocal Steve Rollins), ’64 (Yucca 170 & Bishop 1005, ’80)

  • Bishop 1005 is without vocal credit.


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    • The answer to the mixed-up reporting from various sources I read (and at one time included in the post) are now answered. Thanks for the great Yucca 168 scan link.

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