– Loving You/ Hotcha Cha-Cha Brown, ’60 (Felsted 8604)

– Jump And Bump/ What Do You Want If You Don’t Want Love, ’60 (Felsted 8607)


Flares – Foot Stomping-Part 1/ Foot Stomping-Part 2 {I}, ’61 (Felsted 8624-black)

(There are scans as The Flares for both sides (black label).)


Flares – Foot Stomping-Part 1, ’61 (Felsted 8624-orange)

by The Ramrocks – Foot Stomping-Part 2 {I}, ’61 (Felsted 8624-orange)

(On the orange label, The Ramrocks are credited.  The Ramrocks name might have to do with Buck Ram-Flair/Flares Manager.)



– Rock And Roll Heaven-Part 1/ Rock And Roll Heaven-Part 2, ’61 (Press 2800)

– Doing The Hully Gully/ Truck And Trailer, ’62 (Press 2802)

– Mad House/ Make It Be Me, ’62 (Press 2803)

– Do It With Me/ Yon He Go, ’63 (Press 2807)

– The Monkey Walk/ Do It If You Wanna, ’63 (Press 2810)


Flares (ft Belly Collins) – Hand Clappin’/ Shimmy And Stomp, ’61 (Press 2808)


Flares – Encore Of Foot Stomping’ Hits, ’63 (Press PR 73001 & London LP 8034) (Some other sources date 1961.)

Side 1 – Foot Stompin’, The Stroll, Doing The Watusi, Fish And Twist, The Pony, Jump And Bump.

Side 2 – Truck And Trailer, Huckle-Buck, Doing The Hully Gully, The Twist, Shake, Shimmy And Stroll, Sock Hop.

(A track listing for London #8034 varies from the Press release.  No scan found.)


Flares (Cookie Jackson & The) – I Didn’t Lose A Doggone Thing/ Write A Song About Me (Press 2814) (The book dated N/A.)



Note:  Willie Davis appeared as Willie Pepper.

Flares (Lead Aaron Collins) as The Cadets (LA) – I’m Looking For A Job, ’60 (Sherwood 211)

Flares (Lead Willie Davis) as Bennie Bunn & The Cadets (LA) – You Must Be An Angel, ’60 (Sherwood 211)


Flares (Lead Willie Davis) as The Cadets (LA) – Car Crash, ’60 (Jan Lar 102 & Firefly 328, ’74)

Flares (Lead Aaron Collins) as The Cadets (LA) – Don’t, ’60 (Jan Lar 102 & Firefly 328, ’74)


Flares (Willie Davis Group) as Peppers (Los Angeles) – One More Chance/ A Place In My Heart, ’61 (Ensign 1076)

Flares (Lead Aaron Collins) as Peppers (Los Angeles) – It Wouldn’t Be The Same/ Little Piece Of Paper, ’63 (Press 2809)


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