Flairs (Hollywood) & Related Artists

NOTE: Five Hollywood Blue Jays (This group is unrelated to Hollywood Blue Jays or Flairs.)

– Put A Nickel In The Jukebox/ Safronia Ida B. Brown, ’52 (Recorded In Hollywood 162)

– Cloudy And Raining/ So Worried, ’51 (Recorded In Hollywood 185)



Flairs (Hollywood) formerly Debonairs as Hollywood Blue Jays – I Had A Love/ Tell Me You Love Me, ’53 (Recorded In Hollywood 396)

Flairs (Hollywood) as The Hunters – Rabbit On The Log/ Down At Hayden’s, ’53 (Flair 1017)

Flairs (Hollywood) as The Chimes – Love Me, Love Me, Love Me/ My Heart’s Crying For You, ’54 (Flair 1051)



Flairs (Hollywood)

– I Had A Love (re-recording)/ She Wants To Rock, ’53 (Flair 1012)

– You Should Care For Me/ Tell Me You Love Me, ’53 (Flair 1019)

– Gettin’ High/ Love Me Girl, ’54 (Flair 1028)

– Baby Wants/ You Were Untrue, ’54 (Flair 1041)

– This Is The Night For Love/ Let’s Make With Some Love, ’54 (Flair 1044)

– Hold Me, Thrill Me, Chill Me/ I’ll Never Let You Go, ’55 (Flair 1056)

– My Darling, My Sweet/ She Loves To Dance, ’55 (Flair 1067)

– Tell Me You’re Mine, ’63 (Crown LP 5356 (A1))  (This title was not released as a single)

– Lonesome Desert, ’63 (Crown LP 5356 (A5)) (Originally Young Jessie single)

– My Heart’s Crying For You, ’63 (Crown LP 5356 (B1))

– I Love You, ’63 (Crown LP 5356 (B2))

– I Want You To Be Mine, ’63 (Crown LP 5356 (B4))

– Cool, Baby, Cool, ’84 (Modern-Unreleased & Cadet-Unconfirmed)


Flairs (Hollywood-uncredited) backing Young Jessie – Lonesome Desert/ I Smell A Rat, ’54 (Modern 921)

Flairs (Hollywood-uncredited) backing Dolly Cooper – Ay La Bah, ’55 (Modern 965)

Flairs (Hollywood) (Shirley Gunter & The) – How Can I Tell You/ Ipsy Opsie Ooh, ’55 (Flair 1076)



The trio known as ‘5’ Hearts and Rams are unrelated to the Flairs group.

Arthur Lee Maye, Johnny Coleman & Richard Berry as ’5′ Hearts – Please, Please, Baby/ The Fine One, ’54 (Flair 1026)

Arthur Lee Maye, Johnny Coleman & Richard Berry as The Rams – Sweet Thing/ Rock Bottom, ’55 (Flair 1066)

Arthur Lee Maye, Johnny Coleman & Richard Berry as The Rams – Rock Bottom, ’63 (Crown LP 5356)



Group members of Flairs are unconfirmed as being the same as Flairs (Hollywood).  Sources speculate on possibilities.

Flairs (Cornel Gunter, Pete Fox & Obie Jessie-Flairs) as Jac-O-Lacs – Cindy Lou/ Sha-Ba-Da-Ba-Doo, ’55 (Tampa 103)

Shirley Gunter & The Flairs

– Headin’ Home/ I Want You, ’56 (Modern 989)

– Fortune In Love/ I Just Got Rid Of A Heartache, ’56 (Modern 1001)


Fatso Theus & The Flairs – Be Cool, My Heart, ’56 (Aladdin 3324)

as Fatso Theus – Rock ‘N Roll Drive-In, ’56 (Aladdin 3324)


Flairs (Lead Cornel Gunter) – Aladdin’s Lamp. Stepping’ Out, ’56 (ABC-Paramount 9740)

Flairs (Lead Cornel Gunter) – She Loves To Rock/ In Self Defense, ’56 (ABC-Paramount 78-9698) (#45-9698 is credited as Cornel Gunter & The Flairs.)

Flairs (Lead Kenneth Byley) – I’d Climb The Hills And Mountains, ’57 (Antler 4005)

Flairs (Lead Vince Weaver) – Swing Pretty Mama, ’57 (Antler 4005)

Flairs backing Etta James – Sunshine Of Love/’Baby, Baby’ Every Night (Est Recorded date 1958), ’59 (Kent 304)



Book error:  The following Richard Berry Flair releases are unrelated to the Flairs (Hollywood) group.

Richard Berry (BB Crowns (LA)-uncredited)

– The Big Break/ What You Do To Me, ’55 (Flair 1055 & Crown LP 5371, ’63)

– Oh! Oh! Get Out Of The Car/ Please Tell Me, ’55 (Flair 1064)

Richard Berry (BB Cadets-uncredited) – God Gave Me You/ Don’t Cha’ Go, ’55 (Flair 1068)


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