Five Willows/5 Willows & Willows Groups

5 Willows

– My Dear, Dearest Darling/ Rock Little Francis, ’53 (Allen 1000)

– Dolores/ All Night Long, ’53 (Allen 1002)

– (There’ll Be Blue Birds Over) The White Cliffs Of Dover/ With These Hands, ’53 (Allen 1003)

– Love Bells/ Please Baby, ’53 (Pee Dee 290)

– Baby, Come A Little Closer/ Lay Your Head On My Shoulder, ’54 (Herald 433)

– Look Me In The Eyes/ So Help Me, ’54 (Herald 442)



5 Willows became Willows (NY)

– Church Bells Are Ringing/ Baby Tell Me, ’56 (Melba 102-First Pressing)

– Church Bells May Ring/ Baby Tell Me, ’56 (Melba 102-Second Pressing)

– Do You Love Me/ My Angel, ’56 (Melba 106)

– Don’t Pull, Don’t Push, Don’t Shove/ This Is The End, ’56 (Club 1014)

– Little Darlin’/ My Angel, ’57 (Melba 115)



Willows – Fooled By Her Kisses/ Lazy Daisy (Mercury-unreleased) (Recorded around 1957-60.)


Tony Middleton & The Willows (NY) – The First Taste Of Love/ Only My Heart, ’57 (Eldorado 508)


Tony Middleton With The Willows (NY) – Let’s Fall In Love/ Say Yeah, ’58 (Gone 5015) (There are also scans as Tony Middleton without a group credit.)


Tony Middleton & The Willows (NY) – Don’t Push, Don’t Pull, Don’t Shove/ This Is The End, ’62 (Michele 501)


Willows (NY) (gm Ralph & Joe Martin, Dottie Martin & Freddie Donovan) – My Dear, Dearest Darling (recut)/ You, ’60 (Warwick 524)


Willows (NY) (Freddie Donovan & Dotty Martin Grp)

– It’s Such A Shame/ Tears In Your Eyes, ’64 (Heidi 103) (Book lists as ‘Tears In My Eyes.’)

– Such A Night/ Sit By The Fire, ’64 (Heidi 107)



Willows (Unknown Origin) – Now That I Have You/ There’s A Dance Goin’ On, ’61 (4 Star 1753)

(Youtube comments say this is a Texas Willows group capitalizing on the name.  Label distributed by King Records.)


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