Five/ 5 Sharks (NY Acapella) & Sharks Quintet

Five Sharks (NY Acappella Group)

  • This group is unconnected to the Sharks Quintet.

– Stand By Me/ I’ll Never Let You Go, ’64 (Old Timer 605 & Siamese 405, ’65)

– Gloria/ Flames, ’65 (Old Timer 611)

  • B-side scan found.

– Gloria (Fast Version)/ Flames, ’65 (Siamese 404)

– Possibility/ Remember Me Baby (Siamese 410A 1&2)

– Lost Love/ So Much In Love (Siamese 410B 1&2)

– The Lion Sleeps Tonight/ Land Of A 1000 Dances, ’66 (Amber 852)

– Let’s Not Breakup [sic]/ Up On The Roof, ’86 (Starlight 34)

  • A-side scan found.


as 5 Sharks – Stormy Weather (Short-2.48 & Long Versions)/ If You Love Me, ’64 (Times Square 35A & Relic 525, ’65)

  • Two different scans were found.  Neither listed times.
  • One seller says someone told him the rainbow-colored release is the short version.
  • It is unconfirmed which is which or if they are different at all.


Because the book limited the Five Sharks discography, see for more info.


Gms :  Mark Dinep (Lead), Larry Rosenzweig (Baritone), Henry Levy (Second Tenor),  Eddie (Schwartz) Black (First Tenor) and Steve Horn (Bass).


Sharks Quintet (ft Dino Geangelo) – Shirley/ I’ll Be Home, ’75 (Broadway 1128)

Sharks Quintet (ft Buzzy Garland) – The Glory Of Love/ You Belong To Me, ’76 (Broadcast 1132)

  • There is no relationship between the Sharks Quintet and Five Sharks/5 Sharks.


Sharks – Blueberry Hill/ I Love You For Sentimental Reasons, ’75 (Clifton 10)

  • Information found indicated the group is connected to the Sharks Quintet
  • Have not heard either side.


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