Five Pennies & Related Groups

Five Pennies as ‘Big’ (Al) Miller With The 5 Pennies – All Is Well/ Try To Understand, ’55 (Savoy 1181)


Five Pennies

– Mr Moon/ Let It Rain, ’55 (Savoy 1182)

– My Heart Trembles/ Money, ’56 (Savoy 1190)

– Wedding Bells/ Put This Ring On Your Finger (Herald-Unreleased)

– The Wedding Bells/ For A Lifetime (Recorded 1956-Savoy), ’78 (King Tut 176)


Five Pennies as Freddie Scott With The Chimes (NYC) – Please Call/ The Letter Came This Morning, ’57 (Arrow 724)

Five Pennies as Chimes (NYC) – Lovin’ Baby/ A Faded Memory, ’57 (Arrow 726)


Five Pennies as Four Jokers (NYC) – Written In The Stars/ The Run Around, ’58 (Sue 703)


Five Pennies as Four Pennies (NYC)

– You Have No Time To Lose/ You’re A Gas With Your Trash, ’66 (Brunswick 55304)

– Shake A Hand/ ’Tis The Season, ’67 (Brunswick 55324) (Not listed in book.)


Hollyhocks (ref Clifford Curry-Five Pennies) – You For Me/ Don’t Say Tomorrow, ’57 (Nasco 6001)


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