Five Masqueraders, Masquerades

Many sources connect the Five Masqueraders to the Masquerades with Seaphus Scott being the same person as Howard Scott.  History searches for both groups and their members yielded repeated information.  Confirming documentation is still needed.



Five Masqueraders (St Louis) as Seaphus Scott The Five Masqueraders And Billy Gale Orch – Nature’s Beauty/ Summer Sunrise, ’58 (Joyce 303)

(Writing credits on the A-side are: C Taylor and S Scott.  B-side scan not found.)



Masquerades (Chicago)

– Mister Man (The Guitar Man)/ These Red Roses, ’60 (Formal 1012)

(Scans found.  Writing Credits: Scott/Talty)


– Portia (Unreleased)

– These Foolish Things (Unreleased)

– Good Golly Miss Molly (Unreleased)

– That’s When Your Heartaches Begin (Unreleased)


Masquerades (Chicago) as Masquarades – The Whip/ Fanessa, ’61 (Boyd 1027)

(Writing credits: Scott/Talty)


2 thoughts on “Five Masqueraders, Masquerades

    • Thanks for your comment. As/the book, the Five Masqueraders and Masquerades/Masquarades are connected. Other than the repeated info I found on discographies, I was hoping other documentation existed that confirmed ’Seaphus’ was Howard Scott’s middle name.

      There are a few corrections and additions to the post.

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