Five Knights Groups

The Five Knights (Hollywood) share writing credits of T Taylor, W Taylor & Tommy Taylor.

Five Knights (Hollywood) (featuring Issacher) – Miracle/ Yo Te Amo, ’59 (Specialty 675)


Five Knights (Hollywood) – Let Me In/ Times Are Getting Harder, ’61 (Minit 626)

(Scans do not credit an individual artist but some sources list as Lonnie Heard & The Five Knights.  Confirmation is needed asto his involvement.)


Five Knights (Hollywood) (Tommy Taylor & The) – I Want Somebody/ Polly Want A Cracker, ’61 (Minit 636)


Five Knights (Hollywood) (ref John Johnson’s Invaders) – Dark Was The Night/ She’s My Baby, ’63 (Bump’s 1504)



Five Knights With The Dukes (Tallahassee Fl) – She’s All Right/ Take Me In Your Arms, ’59 (Tau 104) (Scans found.)


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