Five Jets Groups & Related Groups

Marv Goldberg’s history of the Thrillers/Five Jets breaks down the groups members over their recording history.  His article clarifies many erroneous group member constructions.


Five Jets (Detroit) originally as Thrillers

– Lessie Mae/ I’m Going To Live My Life Alone, ’53 (Thrillers 167 & Thrillers 3530)

– The Drunkard/ Mattie, Leave Me Alone, ’53 (Thrillers 170 & Big Town 109)

– The Drunkard, ’53 (Big Town ET 1001A-2)

– Mattie Leave Me Alone, ’53 (Big Town ET 1001B-2)


Five Jets (Detroit)   

– Not A Hand To Shake/ I Am In Love, ’53 (DeLuxe 6018)

– I’m Stuck/ I Want A Woman (second version), ’54 (DeLuxe 6053)

– Tell Me You’re Mine/ Give In, ’54 (DeLuxe 6058)

– Crazy Chicken/ Everybody Do The Chicken, ’54 (DeLuxe 6064)

– Please Love Me Baby/ Down Slow, ’54 (DeLuxe 6071)

– I’m Wanderin’, ’57 (Fortune 833)

(The Five Dollars ‘You Fool’/‘How Do You Do The Bacon Fat’ are also Fortune 833.  Under the title of ‘How Do You Do The Bacon Fat’ some copies are ‘I’m Wandering’ by the Five Jets.  The groove track is larger on copies of ‘I’m Wandering.’)

– I’m Going To Live My Life Alone (Previously issued asby Thrillers) (Broadcast 999)

(Flip is Why Oh Why Oh by the Star-Lighters.)


Five Jets (Detroit) became Five Stars

– Ooh Shucks/ Dead Wrong, ’57 (Mark-X 7006)

– Blabber Mouth/ Baby Baby, ’58 (End 1028)

– Baby, Baby/ Blabber Mouth, ’61 (Columbia 42056)


After Five Stars became Voice Masters

– Oop’s I’m Sorry/ Hope And Pray, ’59 (Anna 101)

– Needed (fast version)/ Needed (For Lovers Only) (slow version), ’59 (Anna 102)

Voice Masters as Ty Hunter (w The Voice Masters)

– Everything About You/ Orphan Boy, ’60 (Anna 1114)

– Everytime/ Free, ’60 (Anna 1123)



Five Jets (Louisiana) – Sugaree/ The Shake, ’64 (Jewel 739)


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