Five Jades (5 Jades)

Metrotones (Cleveland) as Five Jades (Lead Charles Turner) – Rock And Roll Molly, ’58 (Duke 188)

Metrotones (Cleveland) as Five Jades (Lead Luevenia Eaton) – Without Your Love, ’58 (Duke 188)



5 Jades (Bronx NY) (Spencer Jackson, Lead)

– Rosemarie/ My Reverie, ’65 (Your Choice 1011)

– My Girl Friend/ How Much I Love You, ’65 (Your Choice 1012)


5 Jades (Bronx NY) as Five Shadows – Don’t Say Goodnight/ A Sunday Kind Of Love, ’65 (Mellomood 011-012) (The Blue Moon/My Love Bug group of 5 Shadows on Frosty 1 are a different group.)


5 Jades (Bronx NY) as Shadows – The 10 Commandments Of Love, ’65 (Relic LP 102 B10)


5 JadesRelic LP 107 1966 (Velvet Soul For Lovers Only)

Side A:  How Much I Love You, If I Were To Lose You, If Someone Would Care, That’s The Way It Goes, Are You Sorry, I Wish You Love, When I Fall In Love, Unchained Melody.

Side B:  My Reverie, Begin The Beguine, Endless Night, I Was Such A Fool, Ebb Tide, In The Still Of The Nite, Tell Her That I Love Her, That’s My Desire.


5 Jades (Bronx-NY)

– Shout, ’66 (Relic LP 108 A03)

– Rosemarie, ’66 (Relic LP 108 B09)


as Five Jades

– My Girlfriend [sic], ’66 (Relic LP 109 A05)

– When You Dance, ’66 (Relic LP 109 A09)


as Five Jades

– Out Of Sight Out Of Mind/ Hold Me, ’72 (Kelway 103)

– That’s The Way It Goes/ Falling In Love, ’84 (Clifton 73)


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