Five Discs

Five Discs (All listings are by various members of the same group.  Joe Brocco was an originating member.  Lead singers were Mario DeAndrade, Lenny Hutter, John Carbone and Eddie Pardocchi respectively.)


Five Discs (First Group)

– I Remember/ The World Is A Beautiful Place, ’58 (Emge 1004, Vik 0327 & Rust 5027, ’61)

– My Chinese Girl/ Roses, ’59 (Dwain 6072 (orange), Mellomood 1002, ’64 & Downstairs 1001, ‘70s)

as Mario & The Five Discs – My Chinese Girl/ Roses, ’59 (Dwain 803)


Five Discs (Second Group) as Adrienne Allen & The Five Discs – Go, Go, Go, To Mama/ When Love Comes Knocking At Your Door, ’61 (Yale 239-240)

Five Discs (Second Group) – I Don’t Know What I’ll Do/ Come On Baby, ’61 (Yale 243-244 & Candlelite 429) (No scan for Candlelite.)


Five Discs (Third Group)

– Adios/ My Baby Loves Me, ’61 (Calo 202)

– Never Let You Go/ That Was The Time, ’62 (Cheer 1000)

– That Was The Time, ’77 (Pyramid 166)


Five Discs (Eddie Pardocchi Group) became Boyfriends – Let’s Fall In Love/ Oh Lana, ’64 (Kapp 569)


Five Discs (Eddie Pardocchi Group Reforms) as The Dawn – Bring It On Home/ Baby I Love You, ’68 (Rust 5128)


Five Discs (Eddie Pardocchi Dawn Group) as Five Discs – Rock & Roll Revival/ Gypsy Woman, ’72 (Laurie 3601)


Five Discs (Eddie Pardocchi Reunited Group) – Zu-Zu/ Your Way, ’91 (Our Own 0-0-1)


Five Discs (Various Members) as 5 Discs

– Mirror Mirror/ Most Of All, ’78 (Crystal Ball 114)

– Unchained Melody/ The Shrine Of St Cecilia, ’78 (Crystal Ball 120)

– Playing A Game Of Love/ Bells, ’79 (Crystal Ball 136) (Scans are as 5-Discs.)

– This Love Of Ours/ To The Fair, ’80 (Crystal Ball 141)



5 Discs – My Foolish Heart (A Capella), ’76 (Robin Hood 137)

(This is an A Capella group.  Flip ‘Who Can She Be’ is by The Devotions.)


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