Five Crowns Groups

Five Crowns (NY)

– A Star/ You’re My Inspiration, ’52 (Rainbow 179)

– Who Can Be True/$19.50 Bus, ’52 (Rainbow 184)

– Keep It A Secret/ Why Don’t You Believe Me, ’53 (Rainbow 202)

– Alone Again/ I Don’t Have To Hunt No More, ’53 (Rainbow 206)


Five Crowns (NY) (Rainbow LP 5030/Relic LP 5030) 1953  (Underlined titles were included in the book.)

Side A:  A Star, Good Luck Darling (unrl), You’re My Inspiration, $19.50 Bus, Who Can Be True, Oow Wee Baby, Alone Again.

Side B:  Why Don’t You Believe Me, Again (unrl), Man From the Moon (unrl), You Came To Me, I Don’t Have To Hunt No More, Keep It A Secret, The End Of The Fair (unrl).


Five Crowns (NY) as 5 Crowns

– Good Luck Darling/ Again, ’52 (Old Town 777-unreleased) (No info found for this book listing.)

– The End Of The Fair/ The Man From The Moon, ’52 (Old Town 778-unreleased) (No info found for this book listing.)

– You Could Be My Love/ Good Luck Darlin’, ’53 (Old Town 790)

– Lullaby Of The Bells/ Later Later Baby, ’53 (Old Town 792) (No scan for b-side.)


Five Crowns (NY) (ref Yonkie Paul-Dock Green) – Ooo-Wee Baby/ You Came To Me, ’55 (Riviera 990)

(Could not confirm if one pressing on Riviera is also released asby the Duvals.  Scans for ‘You Came To Me’ and Ooo-wee Baby was found asby the Five Crowns.)


Five Crowns (NY) credited as Duvals – Oow-Wee Baby/ You Came To Me, ’56 (Rainbow 335)

(Scans on Rainbow are credited to the Duvals.)


Five Crowns (NY) (ref Dock Green & Second Group)

– God Bless You/ Do You Remember, ’56 (Gee 1001)

– I Can’t Pretend/ Popcorn Willy [sic], ’56 (Trans-World 717)

– I Can’t Pretend/ Popcorn Willie [sic], ’56 (Caravan 15609)


Five Crowns (NY) as Crowns

– Kiss And Make Up (Lead Charlie Thomas), ’58 (RnB 6901)

– I’ll Forget About You (Lead James ‘Papa’ Clark), ’58 (RnB 6901)


Five Crowns (Unverified) – I Was Wrong/ Hug Me Baby, ’53 (Rainbow 281)

(There is a label listing on #281 for these titles.  Otherwise, they do not appear on Five Crowns discographies.  Book listed as #251.)


Five Crowns (Unknown) – You Ran Away With My Heart, ’54 (Rainbow 281)

(No information was found for this title including label discographies or issue #.)



Five Crowns (Fort Wayne IN) as Jan Andre’ – Speak With Your Eyes, ’55 (Emerald 2007)

Five Crowns (Fort Wayne IN) as Jan Andre’ (w The Five Crowns) – It’s Funny To Everyone But Me, ’55 (Emerald 2007)



Five Crowns (Pennsylvania) (Chuck Edwards & The) – If I Were King/ Lucy And Jimmy Got Married, ’59 (Alanna 557-558)



Five Crowns (Hammond IN)

– A Surprise Visitor From Outer Space/Memories Of Yesterday, ’59 (De’Besth 1121-1122)

– Hillum Bay/ I Want You, ’59 (De’Besth 1123) (No scan for b-side.)



Five Crowns (Chicago Grp) (ref Walter Jones) – Just A Part Of Life/ Just A Part Of Life {I}, ’71 (Five-O 503) (Date is reported to be 1970 or 1971.)


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