Five Classics Groups

as The V Classics (Brooklyn) – My Imagination/ Come On Baby, ’60 (Arc 4454)

Five Classics (Brooklyn) – My Imagination/ Come On Baby, ’61 (A 317) (Reviewed in Billboard, June 5, 1961, Page 23.)


Five Classics (Brooklyn) – Love Me (1:56)/ Mississippi Mud (1:50), ’61 (Pova 6142)

(Gms needed.  Were the members the same on Arc 4454, A 317 and Pova?)



The 5 Classic’s (Philadelphia) – Magic Star/ Old Cape Cod, ’62 (Rode 101)

The 5 Classics (Philadelphia) – Old Cape Cod/ Magic Star, ’62 (Medieval 204)


The book listed all releases as one ‘Five Classics’ group.


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