Five Chances

Five Chances

– I May Be Small (C-1534)/ Nagasaki (C-5136), ’54 (Chance 1157)

– California (C-5135)/ Make Love To Me (C-1537), ’54 (Chance-unreleased & Atomic 2494, ’77)

– All I Want/ Shake-A-Link, ’55 (Blue Lake 115)

– My Days Are Blue/ Tell Me Why, ’57 (Federal 12303)


Five Chances (Lead-Johnny Jones) – Gloria, ’56 (States 156)

Five Chances (Lead-Howard Pitman) – Sugar Lips, ’56 (States 156)


Five Chances – Bashful Boy, ’56 (States-Unreleased)


Five Chances as Five Chance [sic] – Need Your Love, ’60 (Corina 2002)

Five Chances as Five Chance [sic] label error – Land Of Love, ’60 (Corina 2002) (According to the book, this title is credited to the Five Chances but is not done by them.)


Five Chances (Music by Julis Cain) – Is This Love/ Need Your Love, ’60 (PS 1510)


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