Fidelitones (Various Spellings)

Fidelitones (Detroit) (ref Freddie Gorman & Brian Holland)

– Pretty Girl/ Game Of Love, ’58 (Aladdin 3442-unissued)

– Is It Too Late (Aladdin-Unreleased)

No scans found. Listings are as/book spelling.


  • Group spellings from various sources include Fidelitones, Fideletones and Fideltones.
  • The Aladdin group involves Freddie Gorman (from Detroit and formerly involved with Sax Kari & The Quailtones), Brian Holland and Sonny Sanders.
    • Holland and Gorman later wrote for Berry Gordy (i.e. Please Mr Postman).
    • Gorman became a member of the 1966-era Originals (not included in the book).

With this capsulated history, it appears unlikely Gorman’s Fidelitones/Fideletones were part of the other two groups. 


Fidelitones (Belleville Illinois) – Playboy/ Say Hey Pretty Baby, ’61 (Marlo 1518)

  • Scans found.
  • Have only heard B-side.
  • No group members known.


Fideltones (Houston Texas) – For Your Love, ’60 (Poop Deck 101)

Fideltones (Pop & The) (Houston Texas)  Whispering Words Of Love, ’60 (Poop Deck 101)